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Arthnr Sweet bas been granted letters patent ou his rail drilling maobine. Jimmie Blitbman bas returued from the state reform school, wbeie he has been for tbe past year. Anotber big olass of candidatos will be initiated into tbe local lodges of the A. O. U. W. in the near future. A bed caught flre in a house on Thompson st. Tuesday noou but was hustled ont of a window before any harm was done. Copies of the bicyole ordinanoe are being oirculated in each house withiu the limits of the city, for the information of riders of wbeels. A regular teaobers' exatuination for all grades of certifioates will be beid at tbe court house, Ann Arbor, on Thursday, March 31, and Friday, April 1 next. Q. A. Turner, suparintendent of the homeopathie hospita], says tbat ninetenthsof the patients in tbat institution are farmers or members of farmers' families. The six years oíd son of Mr. and Mrs. Christiau J. Baar, of Baldwin ave., died Monday night. Fnneral services were held at St. Thomas' ohnroh yesterday moming. Forty-seven bids for the job of oarrying tbe mails between the Ann Arbor post office and the depots were received on the seoond oall for bids. They were sent unopeued to Washington Saturday night. Sunday morning F. StolHet, the opera house news dealer, received thiee quarers of a ton of morning newspapers to distribute arnong his oustomers. The war uews makes a great demand for papers. At the oommon oounoil meeting Monday evening ordinances were introduoed granting right of way to thé Detroit, Ypsilanti & Ann Arbor and tbe Lansing, Dexter & Ann Arbor Eleotrio Railroads. Bishop Ninde will deliver tbe next Wesleyan Guild leotnre in this oity Sonday evening, March 20. On tbe evening previous the local Epworth League will tender Dr. Ninde an informal reoeption in the parlors of the First M. E. cburoh. Clay Greene reoently wrote to John R. Miner to flnd out how ïnuoh it oosts for a family to live in California. He reoeived as answer that a faiuily of two can do very oomfortably on $100 a mouth, provided the head of the house does not make too many trips to Las Angeles. Bom, to Mr. and Mrs. John W. Beahan Saturday nigbt, a boy. The Forepacgb-Sells Bros. circus is among oue of the possibilities in the amusement line in Ann Arbor this summer. A seoond ooncert will be given at Germauia hall next Tuesday eveuiog nnder the directon of Fred J. Dausingburg. Tbe GiJt E !ge Minstrels entertainment at iii niiania hall Friday night was well meuded. A good program was rendered. James Donnegan, a life-long demoorat of the Fonrth ward, annonnces himself as a oandidate for supervisor thie spring. - Times. Tha concert for the benefit of the sewing school given in the Ann Arbor Alnsic Co. 's hall last Satniday evening netted a nice sum for tbe school. The Western Union Telegraph office has been lenovated till it looks like a new plaeo. A new hardwood floor has been pnt in and the walls and ceiling repapered. Johu Downs, died of cáncer Snnday, at his home 1512 Pontiao at., Northside, aged 50 years. Tbe funeral services were held at St. Thomas' cburoh Tnesday morning. His wife and three cbildren sorvive him. A resolutioD was introduoed and passed at tbe council meeting Monday night requesting the Miohigan Central railroad to place a New State telephone in its freight office for the oonvenieuce of the snbscrihers to the local exohange of that eompany. A gang of laborers is busy transplanting six large maple and elm trees frorn tbe Observatory gronnds to the west side of the University hosital gronnds. Under eaob tree is put a peck of potatoes calculated to keep the roota moist. The city engineer has been ordered to furnish by the third Monday in March plans and speoifications for aspiialr and briok pavements on Main st. , also by the first Monday in April plans for a bridge over tbe Ann Arbor railroad on W. William st. Miss Clara Josle Jaoobs was greeted with an enthusiastio audience Monday evening on tbe occasion of ber first song recital in High School hall. The program was well selected and phowed Miss Jacobs' voice to good advantage. She was ably assisted by Miss Fiske, pianist, and tbe Amphion Mandolín Trio, Messrs. Steinbaur, Parsons and Fenton. In a reoent address before the Ypsilanti grange Capt. E. P. Allen said that farmers, representing the conservatism of the country, are wise in looking into other than their own profession in the interest of their country, as the farmer is the fouudatiou of all, and urged them to be tolerant of the other callings and to have charity for all men. The places for holding ibe registration for tbe spring eleotion have been designated by tbe oonnoil asfollows: First ward, Zion Germán school hoose; second ward, 111 W. Liberty st. ; third ward, basement of tbe coort boase; fourth ward, engine house; flfth ward, engine house; sixth ward, engine house; seventh ward, 904 S. Statest. The date of bolding the registratiou is Tuesday, Maren 29. A youug man, a stranger, who carne to this oity a few evenings since wanted to find 520 E. Ann st., and was told tbat tbe blook system of numberiug was used bere. Commencing at Main st. , he traveled five blocks east and found himself atnong the 700's. He tben oommenced a diligent seareb and got ioto the 400's then be jumped to tbe 600's, and finally, after an boor or two fonnd the plaoe. It was no partioular credit to our city, he thought, that a system tbat ougbt to be so plain was in reality so complex. - Couriei. The third ward members of the Fhst Baptist churoh gave a largely attended social at tbe home of Mr. and Mis. C. W. Gieenman, on Cherry st. , Monday evening. A bountiful supper was served and over $11 was realized. During the evening an interesting program was gone through with wbich embiaced song by J. R. Sage and Harlow Grose, recitations by Miss Bertha Cbristman, Mrs. McNally and Miss Eva MaFall, dialogue by Mrs. Colgrove, Bert Crocker and C. W. Greenman, musio by the íiisss Cora and Jessie Wise and Daisy Polhemus. Prof. A. A. Stanley has finisbed a sympbonic poem, whicb will be performed for the firsí time at tbejooiuing May Festival. The Woruan's Anxilary of the Y. M. C. A. will hold its regular ruouthly meeting Monday, Maroh 14, at 8 p. m., íd the rooms of the assooiation. Charles Hyzr, of Ypsilanti, charged with non-support, was arrested here on Friday and was taken to that oity by Offloer Ross to answer to the charge. Walter H. Woods bas been appointed temporary olerk at the Ann Arbor post office. He has been sssigned to duty as assistant to the day mailing olerk. The bonds of the Detroit, Ypsilanti & Ann Arbor Electric Railway have been arranged for at a very favorable rate, wbich assnres the speedy completion of tbe road. A small sized rear end colhsion took place Friday night on the Street railway line. One of the oity cars ran into the rear end of the Ypsilanti car jolting the passengers quite a bit. We are glad to state that we have seoured the services of Master Freddie Daley to sing at oor commencement exercises next June. He is now tbe most farnous and popular singer in Michigan. - Dexter Leader. E. J. Helber, Cuban oommissioner for Washtenaw coonty, has forvvarded to Allen Sbeldon, of Detroit, as the result of his work for the cause $110.29. He has also collected a large qoantity of clothing whioh he will forward soon. Dr. S. P. Ort, of Wittenberg college, who was to have delivered the final lectnre in tbe Trinity Lutberau course Friday night, was sick and oould not oome. The leoture was tberfcfnre postponed and will be delivered at a future date. The pulpit of the Unitarian cbarob will be occupied next Snnday moruing by Rev. Lee S. McCollester, of Detroit, exchanging with Mr. Sunderland, and in the evening by Mr. Charles F. Weller, of the Chicago Bureau of Cbarities. Mr. Weller'a subject will be "Sooial Survice in Chicago." Mrs. David L. Gates, mothar of Mrs. Qeorge Rhodes and Noah D Gates, of this city, diRd at the home of her daugbter on the Nortbside Friday night, of pleoro-pnenmonia, aged 83 years. Tbe funeral services were beid at tbe house Monday afternoon, Rev. H. Tatlock officating. Interment in the Fifth ward cemetery. The repurt that every republican in Washtenaw county is a oandidate for oflfioe is certainly an exaggeration. Four men of that faitb in Ann Arbor alone have..bean found whou say tbey would nnder no circumstances lay hold of tbe official udder nnless the g. o. p. bovine backed rigbt up where tbey luigbt be sitting aud "histed" without ' an articúlate sound f rom thera. - Grass Lake News. A clergyman whose salary had not been paid for several montbs told the trustees that he must have his money as bis family were snffering for want of tbe necesaries of life. "Money!'' axclaimed on of the trustees, noted for bis stiuginess. "Do you preach for money? I thought yon preaohed for the good of souls.." The minister replied: "So I do but I oannot eat souls. But if I could it wonld take a tbousand sucb as yours to inako a ineal." In proof of the truth of tbe statemen made tbat the greater unmber of tbe young men and wonen wbo are students of the university are cbildreo of paren ts tbe Owosso Press says: "The above from onr Univarsity news letter is substantiated by the list of students who have gone from Owosso and Shiawassee county - in faot, a number of stadents have paid their own , way througb the university, while others have paid the greater part of the expense." A surprise party was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Saru Fletoher Friday evening in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Benry Owen, who intend to remove to Ann Arbor soon. Fourteen pedro tables were filled and there were enough who did not indulge in thb games to make the party number nearly 70. Frank Miller and Miss Mary Cady captured tbe lirst prizes aud Mr. and Mrs. George Alban tbe oonsolation prizes. Mr. and Mrs. Owen were presented with a sil ver tea set. - Times Ypsilanti correspondenoe. Weloh Corps, W. R. C, will hold Francia E. Wiilard rneu.orialj services in the near fature. The aoreage under cultivation for wheat in Michigan this year is estimat3d by the state department at 1,600,000 acres. The fine new honse whioh Jobn Bnrg will baild this coming season, will be located on the corner of Hill and Oaklaiid ave. Correspondente to the state department, with few exoeptions report that qo damage to apple and peaoh bnds is pet apparent. John Gibbons, Charles A. Kreger, August Kilsinger, Jobn Roobe, John Bauer and Frederick Baner, have been ?ranted their full naturalizaron papers in the circuit conrt. The ladies of the Northside will give a New Eugland dinner at the Wall st. ihapel Wndnesday, March 16, from 5 to 9 p. m. Only 15 cents wil! ba oharged. Everybody invited. While James W. Robison was exerlibing one of hia higb-spirited horses Wednesday, the bit broke and he had to raake a jnmp for it. The only damage was to the road cart. The fire department team of grays while hitched to the wagon fordelivering wood to the city poor, ran away yesterday afternoon, tbrowing out the cliiver, Sam McLaren and badly bruising hirn. The monthly song service wil] be held at St. Andrew's cburoh next Sun3ay evening. Several new selections will be given by the vested choir and Miss Greening will accompany tbn saroe with violin. Prof. J. B. Steere contemplates pnting op the water from his artesian well in bottles for table use. As is well mowii this water is remarkable for ite oftuess, clearness and excellent drinkng qualities. Charles M. King, of Co. A, M. N. J., has just reenlisted for his eighth erra of three years in the military ser?ice of the state. He is one of the old_st, if uut the oldest, member of the H. N G., in point of service. H. Wirt Newkirk will speak to the oast 'The Politician," at the St. Patrick's Day banqnet in Ypsilanti next Thursday evening. A. J. Sawyer will iell what he knows about "The Statesman" at the same time and place. Street corner loafeis have come out of their winter quarters in large num)brs the past few days. Their language and actions are sufficiently strong to iisgusr all passers by. Marshal Sweet jas expressed his intention of tbinniug out their ranks by a wbolesale procesa of arrests unless tbe practioe is volunarily stopped by those indulging in it. There were 50 Ann Arbor Oddfellows n tbe party that went to Dexter Mouday nigbt and conferred the first degree on two candidates. After tbe work was oompleted in tbe Masonic hall wbiob was used for the ocoasion, a janquet was held in the Oddfellows' iall on the opposite side of tbe street. X was a merry affair replete with story elling and speech making. It was an early hour in the moroing when tbe Ann Arbor boys got home. The Mobawk Bimetallic Club of Detroit, will bold its annual banquet at Liight Guard hall in the city of Detroit on Tnesday evening April 5, 1898. A gatburing of connty superiutendents wil! be held in tbat oity on the afternoon preoeding the banqnet. Tickets ;o the banquet will be $2. There will .) a large nnmber of people present and it will be neuessary to secure Beats in advance. Tbose of Aon Arbor and vicinty who desire to attend sbonld hand in their Dames at once to Charles A.Ward, secretary of the democratio connty committee.