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Mayor Harding, of Ypsilanti, is dangerously ill witli heart trouble in Detroit. Isaac Suddaby. of York township, died athis home Friday last, the funeral being held from bis residence Sunday. Miss Alzina Morton, one of tlie first three graduates of the state normal school, died at her home two miles sonth of Ypsilanti, Wednesday night. The ruarriage of Miss MathildaHankf, of River Raisin, to G. C. Handy, of Jackson, occnrred Wedneeday eveniog, March '.', at the home of thebiide's' parents Mr. and Mrs. Wxn. Hanke, at River Raisin. Rev. P. Irion, pastor of Bethel's chnrch, Preedom, oflioiated. It was a Dice, pleasant, sooial event for the faraily. Early last year, Williarn Heil, of Ypsilanti, was party to a snit before Ju tice Griswold, of London township, ] Monroe county. On the day set for trial, Bell asked for an adjonrnment, ' butrefnsed to show the reason. The case proceeded and Bell was defeated. Later, Griswold went to Ypsilanti. Heil sued him before Juetice Joslyn, and obtained a judgment for 57, ! canse Griswold had refused to adjourn the oíd case. A short time ago, Linn Barnes, one of Griswold's sureties, had occasion to visit Ypsilanti, and he, too, was sued to collect the judgnient rendered against Griswold. In this cdse also Judge Joslyn rendered a judgment for $ö7. J3arnes, through his attovneys, has appealed the case to the circuit court, and tbe end is not yet.


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