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Madrid, March 8. - A semi-official note just issued declares that the Spanish govírnment has not received any complaint regarding the attitude of Genera] Fitzhugh Lee, the United States consul general, at Havana, adding: "On the contrary, Captain General Blanco afflrms that General Lee's behavior has always been correct. Nevertheless, the incident serves to explain the origin of the ill-will between the two countrles. This is proved by statements attributed to Secretary Sherman, by which the jingoes have created the belief in the United States that Spain is trying to provoke war, while at the same time engendering the feeling in Spain that it is the United States which demands the opening of hostilities. It is essential that this doublé game should be ended in order to prevent the two countries from going to war without motives and without either of them desiring it." A semi-official news agency of this city issued the follovving announcement: "After brief uneasiness there is a general belief now that peace will not be bröken and that the relations between Spain and the United States will continue amicable. Political personages assert that the late sensational dispatches are completely wrong in attributing an aggressive tone to the diplomatic relations between the two governments, which have not for a single moment lost their friendly character."


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