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BiggestjOffer Yet The Ann Arbor Argus AND The Twice-a-Week Detroit Free Press Both Papers One Year For Only P 1 .60. THE A-WEEK FREE PRESS is con - ceded by all to be MICHIGAN'S LEADINuNEWSPAPEK. Itls published on Tuesday and Fridayof pach week, and is almost equal to A DAILY l'APEK. Remember, thatby taking advantage of thU oombination, you get 52 copies of THEAKGUS and 104 copies of THE FREE PRESS, for only $l.fin, whieh makes the eost of the nanêre. to you ONE CENT PER COPY. A 500-PAGE BOOK FREE The Free Press ALHANAC and Weather Forecasts for 1898, CORRECT. CÜNCISE. COMPLETE. Over 20,000 Copies of 1897 Book Were Sok? at 25 Cents. Au aocurate and superior Book of Referonct that tells you all you want to know. Therowill not be a useless page in it. A Practical Educator and Hand Book of Encyclopedie Information on subjects Statlstical, Official Historical, Political and Agricultural; likewise a Book of Religious Fact, and geueruL Practical Directions on everyday affairs of Office, Home and Farm. , A copy of this book wlll be sent to all subscribiría mmediately and sending Is cents ad - ditionaïior mailing expenses, making $1.75 n all. The book wlll be published about December 25, 18U7, it being impossible to get it outearlier on account of Ketting complete records of 1897 events. Copies of the book wlll be sent to all taking advantage of this offer, as soon af ter above date as possible. Do not delay, but take advantage of this remarkable liberal offer which we make for a limited time only, by special arrangement.with the publishers. Remember we send both papers a f uil year for $1.60, and you caa have a copy of the book by sending 15 centsadditional. Address, ARGUS OFFICE. ANN ARBOR. MICH HÜMPHREYS CURES No. I Fever, Congestión No. 2 Worms. No. 3 Infants' Diseases. No. 4 Diarrhea. No. 7 Coughs & Colds. No. 9 Headache. No, 1O Dyspepsia, Indigestión. No. 1 1 Delayed Periods. No. 12 Leuchorrea. No. 18 Crpup. No. 1 4 Skin Diseases. No. IS Rheumatism. No. 19 Catarrh. . No. 27 Kidney Diseases. No. 34 Sore Throat. No. 77 Grip & Hay Fever. Dr Humphreys' Homeopathie Manual o? Diseases at your Drusarists or Malled ee. Sold by arugffists, or sent n ceM "iSSSs 50cts. or $1. Humphreys' Med. Co.% Cor. Williamr and John Sts., New York. TRUCK AND t-TORAGE C. E. GODFREY. Residence and Office, 48 Kourth Ave., North Telephoue 8x.


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