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A Quaker Romance

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Valentiue Hollingsworth iccompanied Williani Penn in the good ship Welcome and sectled in Delaware upon tho tianks of tbe Brandywine. Katheriue, ibis daughter, "a delectable Quaker maaiden," the pride of the little settleinent, was wooed and won by big George Robinson. But George was of the church of Bngland, and Katherine "must be raarried in meeting." "George, "writes the author of "Heirlooma In Miniature," "was willing to join the society, be a Friend and be anarried in meeting or anywhere else that Katherine said. Accordingly he and Katherine made their first deolaration öth day, lst month, 1688." The elders, however, had "scruples, " seeing that George's conversión was very sudden, and they asked hiin this searching question : "Friend JRobiuson, dost thou join the Society of Friends from conviction or for tho love of Katherine Hollingsworth?" George hesitated. He prized the trnth and he did wish to marry Katheriue. Ho he answered: "I wish to join the society for the love of Katherine Holliugsworth. " The Friends counseled "delay and that Friend Robinson should be persuasively and iustructively dealt with." Shrewd men as they were, they allowed Katherine to deal with hiru, and within a year George joined the society as a, true convert. An old manuscript reads, "He and -Katherine were permitted to begin a long and happy married life together, being for many years an example of piety and goodness to those around thern and retaining their lovo.of truth and loyalty to the society to the last. "


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