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Women's Charitable Union

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At the anmial meeting of the Charitable Union the followiug ofticers were elected for the ensuing year : President, Mrs. M. L. D'Ooge. lst vice-president, Mrs. Steele. 2nd " " Miss M. S. Brown. Secretary, Mrs. B. A. Finney. Treasurer, Mrs. Anua B. Bach. The ward committees were appointed as follows : lst ward, Miss C. Sager, Mrs. Morris. 2nd " Mrs. Bach, Miss Roys. 3rd " Mrs. Wetraore, Mrs. Booth. 4th " Mrs. Parker, Miss Henning, Mrs. Seabolt, Mrs. R. A. Beal. 5th " Mrs. Ramsdell, Miss Bronn, Mrs. Seabolt. 6tl " Mrs. Morris, Miss Sager. ïth ' Mrs. Finney, Mrs. Lane. One dollar per year coustitutes menbership and may be handed to any of the wanl committees. The ïeports of the Secretary and Treasurer for the past year are as follows : secretaky's report. The Woman's Charitable Union of Ann Arbor has reached its thirtieth annual meeting. During the past year the average attendance at the monthly meetings has beeu ten. The ward committees have made eighty-one visits and have assisted between twenty-five and thirty families. They have rendered assistance one hundred and seven times. Donation of second hand clothing have been received and distributed valued at $56.75. New clothing from the Sewing School valued at $5.00 has also been given out. The "pound" donation at Mrs. Parker's at Thanksgiving brought in groceries and vegetables valued at $18.36. These were added to at Christmas by the Presbyterian and Disciple Sunday School donations valued at $15.00 and $10.00 respectively, making altogether, a good reserve to draw upon for the winter months. The money coming from the Thanksgiving union services and St. Andrew's church, and from the Presbyterian Sunday School at Christmas, also gifts from Mr. C. A. Maynard, Mrs. R. Beal, Mr. Horace Purfield and others have made it possible to give all necessary aid. The committees give no assistance without thorough investigation, Consulting with Mr. Sipley, Supt. of the Poor, when in doubt. The work of the committees cannot show by the monthly reports all the work done. The figures, as far as actual work is concerned, might be doubled and would then be more nearly correct. If there could be a committee of one or more for each needy family, not to supply wants alone, but in some way to teach them I how to get along more successfully, we would feel that we were accomplishing some permanent good. If we could, as has been suggested by some of our members, have work ready for those who are out of employment it would simplify matters somewhat. We have not the means to start a laundry, or any other single industry for that matter, but we might have an employment bureau for our poor people without much expense. If citizens understood that we had people whose families were suffering for the want of work they would, probably give any work they might have to us for them. One year ago there was talk of a Federation of Charities, and later it was thought the Needie Work Guild and Charitable Union might unite. At a meeting of the Needle Work (juild, to I which members of the Charitable Union were asked to be present, it was decided that the two organizations, each having its own work to do, should remain separate. On invitation of the Needie AVork Guild the Chnritable Union appointed a coinmittee to work with the Xeedle Work Guild's committee in the distributiön of garments. Tlie more metnberships, one dollar per year constituting membership, and the more clothing given for distributiön, in other words, the more support given to the Charitable Union the more work can be done by the various ward cominittees, and the less. they will be hauipered in their work. We exteud thanks to the city newspapers for their continued courtesy in printing our notices and yearly reports and to ail who have helped us in any way to make the unfortunate more comfortable. Ida C. Finney, Sec'y. TKEASt'REK REPORT. March 8, 1898 March 5, 1897. Bal. in Treas. $56.32 Membership dues 29.00 Tbanksgiving col. 29.12 From St. Andrew's church 11.94 Pres. Sunday School 4.32 Mr. Horace Purfield 5.00 " C. A. Maynard 10.00 " Martin Haller 2.00 Mrs. R. A. Beal . 5.00 $152.70 Paid ward committees. " First ward $12.50 " Secoud " 37.85 " Third " 6.5S " Fourtli " 28.00 " Fifth " 15.55 ■ Sixth " 1.00 " Sewing School 5.00 $106.13 March 3. Bal. 46.27 $152.70