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The Spring Election

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The ward causes of both partles were held in this city Monday evening and resulted in considerable interest being sliown. The personnel of the tickets is better than the average. The folfowing notriinations were made: ANN ARBOK CITY. First ward- Supervisor, Col. II. 'S. Dean, Republican; Eugene Mann, Democrat; aldermen, Henry Richards, E; Harry W. Douglass, L.; constable, W. E. Eldert, R ; M. C. Peterson, D. Second ward- Supervisor, Arthur E. Mummery, R.; Sid W. Millard, D.; aldermen, Charles Tessmer, R.; E. L. Schneider. D.; constable, F. J. Iluhn, E.; Paul Schall, D. Third ward- Supervisor, J. J. Fischer, R.; noopposition; aldermen, Dr. J. A. Dell, E.; H. C. Exinger, D.; constable, W. H. Bowen, R.; Otto Schroeder, D. Fourth ward- Supervisor, H. Krapf, R.; Wm. Walsh, D.; aldermen, Judge W. N. Brown, E.; Arthur Brown, D.; constable, John Lauchlan, R.; Henry Meuth, D. Fifth ward - Supervisor, Newton Felch, R.; James Boyle, D.; aldermen, Gottlob Gross, E.; George W. Weeks, D ; constable, Sam Taylor, R.; Asa Allen, D. Sixth ward- Supervisor, A. J. Kitson, R.; Prof. B. M. Thompson, D; aldermen, Dr. Charles Howell, R ; M. J. Cavanaugh. D.; constable, F. K. Cleaver, R.; Wm. Jolly, D. Seventh ward- Supervisor, G. Frank Allmendinger, E.; Charles A. Ward, D.; aldermen. Prof. A. B. Stevens, R.; Lewis Limpert, D.; constable, A. H. Gage, E.; Wm. Zebbs, D. The democratie caucuses, while no exciting contests were on toot were all largely attended, and indicated a healthy feeling and a determination to make a stioke tor econouiy in the adiuinistration of public affairs, the republicans having developed extravagant tendencies. In the fourth ward a contest for supervisor resulted in the first ballot in William Walsh receiving 24 votes and Joseph Dounelly and James Donnegan each 25 votes. It was settled on the third ballot by the nomination of ex-sheriff William Walsh. In the fourth ward also Aid. Brown was nominated by a vote of 67 to 20 for William Goodyear. Since the caucuses the following changes have been made in the tickets. In the first ward M. C. Peterson was withdrawu from the ticket and the ïomination for constable on the democratie ticket was left blank. In the second ward Charles Tessmer declined ;o accept the republican nomination !or alderman and Simon Dieterle was )ut upon the ticket in his place. In the sixth ward a well laid plan to nomínate Dr. Darling for supervisor )y the ante-Judson element slipped up and the caucus was also packed to nominate Dr. Ilowell for alderman in the place of Harrison Soule. In the seventh ward a resolution was adopted by the republicans thanking the aldermen of the ward for voting to investígate Sweet and Judson. The resolu;ion was introduced by Mr. Moran. In the fifth ward Aid. Rhodes was de'eated for renomination in the repubican caucuses and lays his defeat to the fact that he voted for the loop dround the court yard square. ANN AHBOK TOWN. The democratie caucus in tliis town made some good nominations Saturday as follows: For supervisor, Con L. Tuomy; clerk, Charles F, Staebler; treasurer, John Q. Cowan; highway comtnissioner, J. J. Parshall; school inspector, John J etter; justice of the peace, O. K. L. Crozier; board of review, Andrew Smith; constables, Frank Smith, Thomas Dayis. The republican ticket is as follows: Supervisor, Smith Botsford; clerk, Frank Blake; treasurer, Geo. Green; highway commissioner, John Schenk; justice, Foster Brown; school inspector, Chas. Mowerson; drain commissioner, H. II. Camp; constables, Frank Robeson, Benjamin Blewett, Milton Keppler, John Campbell. AUGUSTA. In Augusta, the fight for supervisor will be between William E. Russell, the democratie nominee aud Samuel S. Bibbins, the republican nominee who has been renominated. Frank J. Hammond has been nominated by the democrats for clerk. The republican nominations for the other township officers are: Clerk, John Lawson; treasurer, James Barton; justice of peace, James A. Blackmar; commissioner of highways, J, T. Towler; school inspector, John E Hewens; board of review, Chas. H. Greenman; constable, Edwin S. Butts. LODI. There was a large democratie eaucus in Lodi and three ballots for supervisor wliich finally resulted in the excellent nomination of Daniel Seyler for that office. Jacob Birkle was nominated for clerk, and the other nominations were treasurer, Gottlob Wahr; highway commissioner, Jacob Luckhardt; justice full term, George Mann; short term, Philip Blum; board of review, Godfrpy Zahn; school inspector, William lientschler. The publicans have nominated Kolland Finch for supervisor. DEXTER. .John Clark has been nominated by the democrats for supervisor and deserves election. The republicans have nominated Richard Whalen. FREEDOM. Frank Dettling is the democratie nominee for supervisor this year and deserves re-election. The republicans will run a ticket headed by Gottlob C. Zahn. LIMA. The contest in this township will be between Ed Beach the democratie nominee for supervisor and Theo. Wedemeyer the republican nominee. The town is close and every democrat should be out to assist Mr. Beach. The democrats nominated Jacob Kline for clerk and John Grau, jr., for treasurer. MAKCHESTEK. The contest in this township this year will be between Burtless, republican caucus in order to promote harmony in the sheriffship. unanimously presented J, H. Kingsley for the republican nomination of sheriff, stating that he was allied to neither f action. PITTSFIELD. The Pittsöeld deraocrats have nominated the following ticke: Supervisor, Chas. Rose; clerk, Alfred Paul; treasuerer, Chas. Mills; highway commissioner, John Fiegel; justice of the peace, Herman Rayer; school inspector, Valmore Nichols; member of board of review, Charles Roberts; constables, Chas. Kempf, Gustave Schenk. The republican ticket is headed by M. F. Case. SALEM. In this township the democrats have nominated Herbert Smith for Supervisor and the republicans Arthur VanSickle. SALIXE. The democratie union silver ticket ought to make a good run in Saline wheu George J. Nissle, one of the ablest, strongest and most popular men in the township heads it for supervisor. Other democratie nominations are clerk, D. Sears; treasurer, A. Lindenschmidt; justice, C. M. Fellows; iiighway commissioner, C. Alber; school inspector, B. Hammond; board of review, J. M. Young. Hauser is not on the republican ticket this year their nomiuations bejng: Supervisor, W. M. Fowler; clerk, A. B. Van Luzer; treasnrer, W. Walker; justice. M. Seeger; highway commissioner, F. Meohn; school inspector, H. Lindenschmidt; board oL review, S. Josenbans. scio. 8 1ü will re-elect Supervisor Byi-on Whittaker supervisor and will have done a good deed. SUPEKIOR. The democrats of Superior have renominated that excellent supervisor VV alter Voorheis and the republicans have put up against him Wm. Crippen. For treasurer the democrats have nominated Justin Gale and the republicans Edward Shuart. SYLVAN. In this township two war horses will collide. The democrats have nominated Hiram Lighthall for supervisor and the republicana have put up James L. Gilbert. The democratie uominee for treasurer is Nelson Freer and the republican George BeGole. WEBSTEti. There are two tickets in Webster this year, the democratie headed by Henry Koch and the republican by Bert Kinne. Y01IK. The democrats of York caucused at Mooreville Monday afternoon and nominated the following ticket: supervisor, A. D. Mclntyre; elerk, A. E. Putnam; treasurer, E. P. Warner; justiee, W. W. Kelsey; highway commissioner, L. A. Wilcox; school inspector, C. Coe; board of review, Irwin Moore; constables, Henry Doty, Ed Hale, Dr. Luxton, J. Warner. The republicans of the same town have nominated: Supervisor, W. II. Hack; clerk, W. F. Allen; treasurer, S. Cook; justiee, Geo. Richards; highway commissioner, Wiles Dexter; school inspector, F. Gillett; board of review, Lewis Laflin; constables. B. S. Cook, Judson Wheelock, F. E. Reese, Asa Whitehead. YPSILANTI CITY. Tlie democrats have nominated D. L. Davis, a well known grocery man for mayor, and one of the best men in the city. The republicans have nominated Dr. L. M. James. For supervisors the democrats have nominated Elisha Loomis and Elmer McCullough while the republicans have put up Sumner Damon and Exum Johnson. YPSILANTI TOWN. The republican ticket is headed again by John L. Hunter.