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Real Estate Transfers

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Herman Armbruster to Rudolph Armbruster, Sharon, $276. Egbert Field to Mary Field, Adii Albor, $1. Calvin S Qray to Caleb Eaton, Ypsilanti, $20. John G Alber to Jacob Bauer, Lodi, $6,491.66. Thomas E Morgan to John Hoftiey, Manobester, $100. Henry Aiobele to Edward Braun, Manohester, $1,100. Aaditor-General to H P Martin, Ypsilanti, $36.16. Williain E Wesaels te Charles H Kempf, Chelsea, $201. Franois A Beaoh to Justice Níxod, Lima, $2,350. Edwin Kent to Minuie Kent, Ann Arbor, $700. Love M Palmer to Arthar Brown, Ann Arbor, $2,700. D C Griffen to Georgiana Hayes, Ypsilanti, $80. Josephine Kersey to JD C Giffen, Ypsilanti, $75. Frank A Martin to Celesta Gage, Ypsilanti, $1,000. E R Hascall to the City of Ypsilanti, Ypsilanti, $1,600. J A Wessinger to Franois G Wessinger, Ann Arbor, $500. Fannie E Sampson to G H Lines, Ypsilanti, $600. Gnerden Lines to Nellie Lines, Ypsilanti, $600. Christian Sangree to Alfred Acton, York, $500. Fred H Belsar to Love M Palmer, Aon Arbor, $1,000. Hanson E Sessions to Harriet L Sessions, Northfield, $1,000. John Lamprecht to Anthony Marcinah, Angosta, $1,800. Charles L Treat to Thomas Leonard, Northfield, $50. Emeline McOmber to Ira Walker, 3alem, $555. Nancy N Hadley to Byron A Finney, Ann Arbor, $50. Veleda Stafïan to George P Staffan, Chelsea, $682. Ann Gage to Franklin Spafard, Manohester, $2,800. Anua Gage to Jennie Lainb, Manchester, $933.33. Lamen H Craoe to Sarah J Davis, Augusta, $2,606.78. Cafcherine Grace to Lewis A Boyden, Dexter, $200. Howard Fisk to James Dnnn, Sylan, $1,000. James Dunn to Howard Fisk, Sylvan, $1,000. Frank W Beaoh to Bertha Beacb, Ypsilanti, $100. Susan Lord to J P Corgron, Augusta, $4,480.