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The election Monday in this county failed to see many changes, but as a rule the democrats did slightly better than last year. They gained one member of the board of supervisors, üf the townships thirteen elected democratie supervisors and seven republican. If the township returns furnish any indication as to hqw the county stands, ít would seem as if th e democrats had a little the best of it. The Argus has taken some pains to gather complete returns and ilatters itself with being the only paper to contain the number of votes cast tor every candidate who ran for office in this county last Monday, the vote on each defeated constable even being iucluded. It will be seen that our returns are absolutely complete. ïhey are given without much comment but will bear study by all the politicians. In all cases names of the democratie candidates are placed flist and republicana second, so that all may know on what ticket each candidate was and the loss of space through repeating the words democrats and republican is avoided. ANN AIUiOR CITY. The democrats gained two aldermen in Ann Arbor city and materially reduced the republican majorities in the first and seventh wards. The democratie ticket in the fifth went through with flying colors. The new council stands: 9 republicans to 6 democrats as against 11 to 4 last year. Of the seven new aldermen eleeted Monday six have never seen service on the council before, which carried out a prediction frequently heard that the people would change the council as soon as they got a chance at it. The vote in this city was as follows: FIRST WARD. Supervisor - Eugene G. Mann 164, Henry S. Dean 193. Uean's majority 29. Alderman- Harry W. Douglas 165, Henry Richards 191. Richards' dwjority 26. Constable- William Eldert (republican) 214. There was no opposition to Mr. Eldert SECOND WA11D. Supervisor- Sid W. Millard 280, Arthur E. Murritnery 91. Millard's majority 189. Alderman - Emanuel L. Schneider 62, Simon Dieterle 213. Dieterle's majority 51. Constable- Paul Schall 208, Fred .1. Huhu 168. Schall's majority 40. ÏHIKD WAKD. Supervisor- John J. Fischer, repubican, 176 (no opposition.) Alderman- Ilenry C. Exinger 180, Jesse A. Dell 141. Exinger's majority 39. Constable - Otto Scbroeder 141, W. H. Bowen 176. Bowen's majority 35. FOURTII WAKD. Supervisor - William Walsh 151 Herman Krapf 174. Krapf's majority 23. Alderman- Arthur Brown 176, William N. Brown 146. Arthur Brown's majority 30. Constable- Henry C. Meuth 140, John Laughlin 177. Laughlin's majority 37. FIFTH WABD. Supervisor- James Boyle 88, Newton Felch 69. Boyle's majority 19. Alderman- George W. Weeks 90, Lorenzo D. Grose 68. Weeks' majority 22. Constable- Asa Allen 106, Sam Tay lor 50. Allen's majority 56. SIXTH WAKD. Supervisor- Bradley M. Thompson 47, Arthur J. Kitson 130. Kitson' majority 83. Alderman- Martin J. Cavanaush 48, Dr. Charles Howell 130. Howell' majority 82. Constable- Wm, Jolly 44, Fred Cleaver 131. Cleaver's majority 87. SEVENTH WAKD. Supervisor - Charles A. Ward 109, G Frank Allmendinger 136. Allmen dinger's majority 27. Alderman - Lewis T. Limpert 95, A B. Stevens 148. Stevens' majority 5; Constable- William Zebbs 103, A. II. Gage 139. Gage's majority 36. THE NEW COUNCIL. The new council of Aun Arbor is composed as follows, new members being marked. with a star : President, Gottlob Luick. First ward, Francis M. Hamilton, Henry Richards. Second ward, John Koch, Simon Dieterle. Third ward, George W. Sweet, Henry Exinger. Fourth ward, Frank Vandawarker, Arthur Brown. Fifth ward, George Spathelf, jr., George W. Weeks. Sixth ward, Emmett Coon, Charles Howell. Seventh ward. C. Homer Cady, Alonzo B. Stevens. YPSILANTI CITY. Ypsilanti city elected a democratie mayor by 77 Luajority and three out of tive democratie aldermen, causing the new council to stand 6 democrats and 1 4 republicana. One democratie and one republican supervisor was elected a democratie gain of one supervisor, being the only change made in the political complexion of the board in the 3ounty. The vote on mayor was: D. L. Davis 704, Dr. L. M. James 627. Davis' majority in the fourth ward was 122 and in the ttfth 95, while James' majority in the flrst was 60, second 50, third 30. For justice of the peacein the first district, composed of the first, second and third wards Geo. V. Gill had 258, H. W. Childs 507. In the second district tor justice Frank Joslyn received H29, William L. Beardsley 155. For supervisor, flrst district, the vote was: Elisha Loomis 281, Sumner Damou. 539. In the second district the vote on supervisor resulted; Elmer MoCullctugh 247, Daniel L. Ostrander 38. The vote on constables was: First district, Edward H. Jackson 361, Exum ■Johnson 446; second district, Millard R, Fletcher 263, James B. Arms 214. ün alderman the vote was as follows, First ward, Martin Dawson 195, Frank E. Stowell 143; second Ward, Claude Pearsall 76, J. F. Ferguson 132; third ward, John F. Lamb 208, George S. Barnes 115; fourth ward, Milo B. Scaffer 124, John N. Howland 60; fifth ward, Milo E. Gage 149, Ike Davis 151. Milo E. Gage, the defeated candidate for alderman in the fifth ward, iiled a petition for a recount of the ballot yesterday morning, and deposited $10 to pay the expense if he was beaten. The recount was held in the afternoon and resulted in giving Mr. Davis two more votes than he had before. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS. The Democrats carried the board of supervisors again this year, gaining one in Ypsilanti city. The other towns and wards went as last year. The board therefore stands democrats 16, republicans 13. There is hovvever ome change in the personnel of the ward. There will be eight men on ,he board this year who were not there ast year, and of these only two, Supervisors Tuomey and Van Sickle, iave seen previous service on he board. Of the remaining six, hree are republicans, and three demorats. They are marked with stars ia he table given below. The two new men from Ann Arbor city. Col. Dean and G. Frank Allinendinger, will be ïeard from on the board as they are )oth astute men and good talkers. It ias been stated that they were not put upon the board to promote republican ïarmony, although they are both trong republicans. The following constitute the new board of supervisors: Ann Arbor City: First ward- Henry 8. Dean, R. Second ward- Sid W. Millard, D. Third ward - John J. Fischer, K. Fourth ward- Herman Krapf, R. Fifth ward - James Boyle, D Sixth ward - Artbur II. Kitson, R. Seventh ward- G. Frank Alimendinger, R. inn Arbor to'wn- Cornelius L. Tuomey, D. Augusta- Samuel S. Bibbins, R. Jridgewater- George L. Walter, D. 3exter- John D. Clark, D. !ima - Edward Beach, D. L,odi- Daniel Seyler, D. yndon- James Howlett, D. Freedom - Frank Dettling, D. Manchester- William Burtless, R. Northfleld- William Donnegan, D. Pittsfield- Morton F. Case, R. Salem- Arthur Van Sickle, R Saline- William M. Fowler, R. Scio- Byron C. Whittaker, D. Sharon- William F. Hall, 1). Superior- Walter H. Voorheis, D. Sylvan- Hiram Lighthall, D. Webster- Bert Kenny, R. York- Archibald Mcliityre, D. Ypsilanti town- John L. Huuter, R. Ypsilanti city: First district- Sumner Damon, R. Second district- Elmer McCullough, D (Continued on Third Page.) II DEMOCRATIC CAÍN Continuad l'rom First Paffe. ANN ARHOR TOWN. The Ann Arbor town demooracy eleoted tbeir supervisor agsin tbis year, in spite of a hot fight, by a majority of 7. Tbey also eleoted olerk, treasnreí, soboel iospeotor and constables, while tbe republicana eleoted highway oommissioner, justioe and tnember of the board of review. Tbe vote was as follows: Supervisor, Cornelina L. Tnomy 108, Smith Botsford 101 ; olerk, Charles F. Staebler 128, Edward T. BlaKe77; treasurer, John H. Cowan 117, George Gre9n 89; bighway oommissiouer, James J. Parshall 89, John Sobenk 113; sobool inspeotor, John J. Jetter 122, Charles J. Mowerson 82; jnstioe, O. R. L. Crozier 84, Foster Brown 117; mernber board of review, Andrew Smith 95, Fred B. Brann 112; constables, Fred Krans 114, Thomas Downs 114, Frank Smith 112. Adolph Bange 113, Benjamin Blewitt 87, Frank Robinson 88, Milton Keppler 90, Jobn Campbell 98. AUGUSTA. Tbe straight repnblican ticket was elcted in Augusta by majorities of from 26 to 77. Supervisor Bibbins is returned by the largest majority of any oue on tbe tioket, being only 8 less tban his majority last year. The vote was about 40 less thau last year. There were 10 straight Liberalist party tickets polled and a few splits wbich do not appear in the vote below. The vote was as followf: Supervisor, Win. A Ruseel 137, S S Bibbins 214; olerk, Frank J Hammond 153, Jobn Lawson 195; treasurer, Walter K Mason 152, James B Banton 191 ; jnstice, J H JRosenwortb 147, James A Blaokmar 193: highway oommissioner, Thomas Gotts 161, J Frank Towler 187; school inspector, John Hitobingham 142, John E Herring 199; board of review, Chris Henning 136. Charles H Greennian 202; ooustables, Jobn Henning 148, Charles Gotts 142, Joseph Hairis 14G, Jobn Dawson 143, Edwin S Butts 199, James E Albright 197, Wai Kline 195, Fred G Norman 198. BBIDGEWATBK. Good old reliable Bridgewater eleots the entire demooratic ticket from 54 to 67 majority and is representad again on tbe board by Supervisor Walter. The vote by which this victory was won was: Supervisor, George Walter 94, Philip F Blum 27 ; clerk. W H Every 85, H p Walter 81; treasurer, A B Shntes 85, Win Springer 31; jnstioe, Franklin Johnson 85, Thomas Van Gieson 33; justioe (vacanoy) James Benham 86, Frank Jenkins 31 ; highway oommissioner, O F Blum 84. W C Rogéis 33 ; board of review, Charles M Greene 85, A Bartlett 81 ; ooustables, C h Gadd 82, A Mitobell 83, Henry Dewey 83, Fied Vetter 82, Clyde Knight 32, Fred Crosby 33, A Diokerson 33, Theodore Westphal 33. DEXTER. This township eleoted the entire demooratio ticket by majorities ranging fiom 8 to 47, Supervisor Clark leading his tioket. Two meinbers of the board of review were eleoted, both demoorats, without oppositiou. There was no opposition to the demooratic candidate for highway oommissioner. The vote was as follows: Supervisor, John D Clark 111, RiohardS Wbalian 04; clerk, James E Gninan 110, Jobn öpiegelberg 58 ; treasurer, John E Hall 91, Henry Sobiefertein 83; justice, Chas A Jewell 106, K H Wheeler 66; highway oommissioDer, John Ledwidge 112; sohool iuspeutor, Emanuel Andrea 109, Edward W Daniela 59; members of the board of review, Thos Dolan 109; James Walsh 108; oonstables, John Hughes 103, Sidney Thurston 108, Wm. Engel 101, Peter Madden 109, Ralph MoKeil 65, Charlee Voorheis 62, Max Robbins 68, Geurge Reade 60. LIMA. The demooarts of Lima did well on Monday eJectiug their supervisor by27, treasurer by 62, sohool inspector by 10, member of the board of review by 27, and two oonstables. The lepublioans eleoted clerk by 56, justioe by 86, highway oommissioner by 18 and two oonstables. Cutting was freely done on all the offioes, even constables coming in for liberal cutting. Exactly the same numbei of votes were cast for supervisor as lastyear, the vote was as foilows: Supervisor, David E Beach 132, Theodore Wedemeyer 105; clerk, Jacob J Kline, jr., 91, Otto D Luick 147; treasurer, John Gran 147, Edward Weiss 85; .iustice, Alben Widmayer 97, Herman Fletcher 133; highway commisaioner, Daniel Waoker 107, Rnssell T Wheelook 125; sohool inspector, Fred Wenk 120, Sarn Smith 110; board of review, Edward J Parker 129,Samoel Tockerl20; constables, John Gran, jr., 180, Frank Leaob 128, Charles Pau) 103, Alfred Kaercher 97, Edward Weiss 101, William Tnttle 107, Arlington Guerin 127, Leroy Leacb 133. LODI. Lodi swings into line witb 98 demooratio majority, eleoting the entire ticket, the lowest demooratio majotity being 79. The vote by which this viotory was won was as follows: Supervisor, Daniel Soy Ier 140, Roland Finch 42; clerk, Jaoob Bierkle 140, Avery Downer 42; troasurer, Julius Wahr 129, George Buin-tt 50; justice, George J Mann 18ü, (iuieon Hoyt 46; highway commissiom r, Jacob Lnokbardt 137, William Clt menta 44; school inspeotor, William Rentsohler 136, Alfred Hamphrey 45 ; board of review, Godfrey Zahn 137, Arthur A Wood 48; oonstables, Jaoob Hanes 136, Charles Lambarth 135. John Meyer 137, Miohael Greening 136, Flavius D Ford 45, Abram Deible 45, Jedidiah Cornell 44, Gottlieb Knebler 45. LYNDON. Lyndon had but one tioket in the field, tbe democratie, wbicb was elected as follows : Supervisor, James HowJett 54; olerk, John Young 5; treasurer, Nathan Howe 54; justice, A J Boyce 48; highway commissioner, Mathew Hankard 54 ; school inspeotors, Hersbtll Watts 54, George JMay 54 ; board of review, Orson Beeman 54. FKEEDOM. That Freedom is deraooratic goes without saying and Supervisor Dettling deservedly comes baok to the board. The vote was as follows: Supervisor, Frank Dettling 123, Gottlieb C Mann 55; clerk, Edwin Koebbe 120, John Grsu 57; treasurer, Charles F Alber 127, Lambert Reno 49; justice, Frederick Gross 124, Wm Hauessler 52; highway commissioner, Frank Reisch 124, Benry Breitenwischer 52; school inspeotor, Fred L Feldkamp 124, Berniiardt flnehl 52; board of review, Charles Stierle 124, John Staebler 52 ; constables, Paul Kress 124, Charles F Feigel 125, Sam Feldkamp 124, Charles F Alber 124, Adam Sohneider 52, Andrew Biaun 51, Frederick Kuehner 52, Daniel Heiber 58. HANCIIESTER. Tbe entire republioan ticket was elected in Manohester by from 26 to 109, the big majority being of oourse that of Supervisor William Burtless, probably the best runner the republioans have in tbeir ranks in tbe oounty. The democratio ticket bore the heading, " Democratie - Union - Silver - Tioket. " The vote was as follows: Supervisor, Edgar S Hagaman 205, William Burtless 314; clerk, Jacob E Bluru 243, Samuel H Perkins 269 ; treasurer, Howard B Clark 234, Frederick Knrfess 281; justioe, Matthew T Prout 242; Benjamin G Englisb 209 ; highway commissoner, William Hensey 218, James Wallace 295; sobool inspector, Arubrose Kirk 223, Earl FChane290; board of review, Thomas Holmes 228, Franklin Hall 282; oonstables, Roburt Hildinger 234, Charles Kirk 232, William Sloat 381, Charles Kreitner 228, John Sohaffer 279, Adam J Scbaible 280, Homer Hall 283, Edwin S Blytbe 284. NOKTHFIELD. Northfleld had but one tioket in the field, the democratie and it received 62 votes, exoeptÍDg jnstice aad constables wbo received 61. The following townsbip offioers were elected : Supervisor, William H. Dtinagan ; olerk, Tbeodore F Prochnow ; treasurer, Miohael Kennedy; justioe, Miohael Duffy; bighway oommissioner, Fred M Zeeb ; school inspeotor, Frank Taylor ; board of review, John O'Connor, contables, Michael Hays, John Danner. PITTSFIELD. Pittsfield is repuhlican as ever on a very light vote as follows : Supervisor, Charles W Rose 28, Morton F Case 81 ; olerk, Alfred J Paul 32, James H Webb 78; treasurer, Charles Mills 31, George C Wilsey 78 ; sohool inspector, Valraore C Niohols 30, Christopher C Sherwood 79; highway commissioner, John E Fiegel 33, Austin F Smith 76; justioe, Herman Rayer 33, Amos Lohr 76 ; board of review, Charles Roberts HO, Ralph Rice 79; constables, Charles W Kempf 31, Gustave Soheuk 29, Joseph S Cady 78, Frank H Ticknor 80. SALEM. Salem remained in tbe republioau column by ïuajorities of from 65 to 91. The vote ou tbe town ticket was as follows: Supervisor, Herbflrt Smith 73, Arthur VanSiokle 156; clerk, Roy Waterman 81. C L Bussey 146; treasurer, .Lewis Hagan 73, Frank Rider 144; justioe, P H Murray 77, J B Herlick 150; highway oommissioner, Ham Marray 67, BenjamiD Atohinson 158; eohool inspector, V I Savery 158; board of review, Daninel E Smith 74; Wm Naylcr 154; constables, Fred Rider 154, FraDk Rider 154, Charles P Masou 152, Martin Boyle 154. SALINE. The lepnblioan ticket rarried Saline by from 11 to 81. Matthew Seeger gets the big majority, while Qeorge J Nissly made a great rnn for supervisor, cnttiag tbe republican majority in the township down to 11, a gain of 103 over the repnblican majority for supervisor last year. The vote was as follows: Supervisor, George J Nissly 201, Willis M Fowler 213; clerk, David Sears 165, Ashley B Van Dnzen 212; treasurer, Andrew LindenHobmidt 192, William P Walker 219 ; school inspector, E Everett Russell 164, Henry Lindenschmidt 242; higbway oommissioner, Charles G Alber, 192, Fred Moenn 215; jnstioe, Charles M Fellows 163, Matthew Seeger 244; oonstablee, Charles Carven 182, William Cloagh 174, Mathias Rentsohler 170, William Stierle 171, Sela Fitzgerald 222, Fred Jerry 232, Charles Graf 233, Wilber Cornish 232. scio. The vote for a spring elnotion was fairly well out in Soio being 23 larger than last year and the demoorats made a olean sweep by majorities from 17 to 110, Supervisor Whitaker, as usual leading his ticket. Tbe vote was as follows: Supervisor, B C Whittaker 267, Fred Jedele 17; clerk, J W Barley 248, no opposition; treasurer, William Andrés 222, R Dennis Walker 197; justioe. Marous S Cook 224, John L Smith 191; nighway oommissioner, Charles Knight 228, Arthur Lyon 192; school inspector, C W Stebbins 225, C W alter Tubbs 194; board of review, George A Peters 218, Jacob Reiohert 201; constables, Fred Lathrop 241, Pat MoCabe 219, Channoey Crytz 216, Dan Hoye 212, Byron MoCauley 164, Benjamin Foster 194, C W Walker 197, Clifford Parker 197. SnAKON. Sharon went democratio by good majorities. Supervisor Hall having doublé the vote of his opponent. The raajorities were from 7 to 60 and the vote was: Supervisor, William F Hall 114, Lyman S Hulbert 57 ; clerk, Ashley Parks 116, Elmer E Bowers 56; treasurer, William J Schlioht 82, Lewis Dresselhouse 89, justice, Bert D Rose 108, Conrad J Hesselsohwerdt 61 ; highway commissioner, Charles Fish 107, John W Dresselhoupe 63; school inspeotor, Bert Gieske 108, Henry Hasselschwerdt 61 ; board of review, William B Meyer 107, Francés W Smith 64; constables, William J Schlichè 103, Bert D Rose 108, Josiah R SJoat 107, Charles A Moohn 107, George Alber 82, Clifford Kendall 62, Frank Rowe 62, Lewis Dresselhouse 64. SUPERIOR. Superior remained trne to the democartio faith, electing the entire ticket by majorities from 18 to (50. The rnain flght was on treasnrer where two old opponents met again, tbe demoorat tbis year coming in ahead by 18. The vote ■was as follows: Supervisor, Walter Voorheis 119, William Crippen 74: clerk, Enos Twist 127, Anson L Wilbur 63; treasnrer. Justin A Gale 105, Edmund Sbuar.t 87 ; justice, Robert Shankland 124,LinusHiscook 70; higbway oommissioner, William Gotts 123, Arthur Covert 71; sobool inspeotor, Daniel Nanry 127, Floyd Markham 67; board of review, John MoDongall 123, Wm. Braun 69; constables, Sarnnel Hnssell 123, James Finnell 126, Robert Clark 125, Charles Palmer 123, Albert Kiinmel 70, Frank Lambie 08, Charles Goodspeed 68, Andrew Gale 70. SYLVAN. Supervisor Lighthall bas again been re-eleoted in this township,Lwinning a glorióos victory, defeating James L. Gilbert, who by the way, is no spring ohioken, by 47 majority. The democrats also elected William R. Lebman clerk by 21 and tbe rest of tbe ticket is republioan by majorties rauging from 18 to 176. The total vote of tbe township was 692 and tbe republioau majority of the tickets cast was 91. Tbe vote was as foJlows: Supervisor, Biram Lighthall 360, James L Gilbert 318; olerk, WiJliam R Lehman 353, Orrin T Hcover 329; treasurer Nelson E Freer 252, George A BeGole 428; justiee, Cyrus A Updike 329, Bernard Parker 347 ; highway commissioner, James Geddes, sr., 312, Jacob Hummel 368; school inspector, Thomas G Speer 269, Henry Steinbach 408; board of review, .lames H Runcimau 811, Stephen L (Sage :68; constables, Edward Chandler 326, Martin Breitenbach 286, Adam G Faist 3ts9, Michael J Howe 291, Jay M Woods 341, Jacob Scaffan 331, Rush Green 357, Perry C Depew 354. "WEBSTER. Webster had a democratie ticket this year but the republioans carried thp town as was expectad by majorities of from 46 to 80. The vote was as follows: Supervisor, Henry Koon 24, Bert Keuny 100; olerk, George Kilts 22, Frank Preston 102 ; treasurer, George W. Merrill 26, Edgar A. Phelps 99; justice, Thomas Quigg 23, Ira C. Backus 101 ; highway commissioner, Levi R Lee 39, Corydon L Tbnrber 85; school inspeotor, Llewellyn Olsaver 24, William R Scadin 100; board of review, Alvin J Pratt 27, Charles Rogers 98; constables, Jobn Duulavy 24, Miohael Haab 25, Thomas O'Brieu 24, Roy Hioks 27. M Dor Qneal 100, Harvey Freece 99, Peter Parsons 100, Otis W Cnsbing 98. YORK. The democrats made a clean sweep in York, electing their entire tioket with majorities ranging from 32 to 74. The vote by wbioh this good deed was acoomplished was : Supervisor, Arohibald Mclntyre 284, William H Haok 229; clerk, Alfred E Putuain 264, W Fitch Allen 228; treasurer, Edward P Warner 279, Sberman Cook 205; tioe, Williatn W Kelsey 260, George F Richards 225; highway commissioner, Lawis O Wiloox 256, Wiles Dexter 224; sohool inspector, Charles H Cox 261, Fred B Gillett 221 ; board of review, W Irving Moore 266, jLewis H Laflin 215; constables, Henry Daly 255, J Edward Hale 255, Colan Lnxton 53, Jnbn A Warner 249, Frederick E Reese 222, B S Cook 219, Judson W Wheelook 220, Herbert A Taylor 226. YPSILANTI TÜWN. As usual Ypsilanti town goes repnbliean by good majorities from 69 to 83, the vote being as follows: Supervisor, James L Lowden 23, John L Hunter 106; olerk, Wallace B Draper 25, Perry Watling 104; treasnror, George E Roberts 25, Herbert K Bnrrell 104; justice, Audrew J Marry 27, Edgar D Holmes 102; school inspeotor, Charles L Begole 30, George T Sootney 99; board of review, Martin G Moore 103; constable, Willis B Draper 27, Jay S Gridley 27, Walter Spragne 28, John Lamboru 27,Lewis P Kelly 102, Walter Wiard 103, Willard A Clawaon 101, Joseph E Warner 102.