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Went Gunning For A Judge

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Yesterday Judge Newkirk issued an order to send the three sons of George Morton to the state school at Cildwater as they are growing up on the streets. He was cautioned by Mrs. Morton that if tlie ehildren were removed from their home his life would be in danger as her husband was a man of violent temper and irre: sponsible. The boys, however, were taken to the jail preparatory to being sent away. Shoitly af ter 5 o'clook yesterday afternoonthe judge was standing at the window in his office, when he saw Morton rush out of the door of his house, whieh is directly opposite thé court house, with a doublé barreled shot gun in his hand. He tried each of the doors of the court house, but as it was af ter hours they were all locked. Among other things that Mrs. Morton had told the judge that afternoon was the fact that her husband had threatened to shoot on sight the men who should be instrumental in sending away the ehildren. After reaching home the judge thought the matter over and arrived at the conclusión that the taking of the ehildren to Cold water just at that time was worth less than his üfe and rescinded the order. The ehildren are still here.


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