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William E. Stocking is raoving ou bis farm in Jjima. A Mr. Wilson has rented H. W. Baasett's farm in Augusta. Geo. Nixon has purchased Mrs. Francés Beacfa'a farm in Lima. L. T. Hoover has ronted nine acre8 of land in Augosta from Charles MSmart. Ern8st Hill, of Saline, is at the hospital in Ann Arbor to undergo ao operation. The junior exhibition in connection the Saline bigh sobool takes place this evening. Jaoob Kline, er., of Lima, is failing in health so seriously as to be couflaed to bis bed. J. A. Doty has bought tbe J. Evsrett farm in Augusta and now owns 120 acres of land tbere. Mrs. Elizabeth Fowler died at her home in Saline, Maroh 27, aged T víais, after a loog illness. Wm. and Cal Bird, of Augusta, witb tbnir families have gone to northern Michigan. They made the jonrney in a covered wagon. Air. Leonard Embury and Miss Mianie Scbweikert were married Tuesday, March 21, by Rev. J. S. Edmunds at tbe Congregational parsonage, Chelsea A pie social was given at the horaa of Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Conklin in Sylvan, Wednesday evening, for the benefit of the Sylvan Chriatian Dnion. wbich was well attended and much enjoyed. Liafayette Giange will meet with Mr. aud Mrs. O. C. Burkhardt, of Cbelsea, today. The qaestions diBcussed wíll be "Every day cooking in the farm kitchen," and "Should the U. S. acknowlede the Independence of Coba?" There will also be musió and reoitatioits. Aa "illnstrated evening of song'' was given at the Delhi school house last Satarday evening, and tbe same entertainment was given at the Webster GoDgregational church, Monday evening, for the benefit oí tbe Sonday sohools of aob place. The entertaiuments were well attended and were sncsesses both pleasurably and fioanoially. E. H. Linden is oonstrnoting a fine barn on nis farm in Bridgewater. Joseph Kyte, of Saline, bas rented the Krans farm in Ana Arbor town. "Anntie" Davia, the only colored resident of Manchester, is eeriouály ill. Nowlin Broa, have removed tbeir sawmill from Dearborn to Whitmore Lako. Michael Alber, of Pieedom, will bnild a large dweiling house tbis spring. Miss Agnes Obersmith is teaohing tbe spring term of school in district No. 3, Preedom. Mrs. Magdalena Renau, widow of Henry Renan, died in Freedom, Marob 26, aged 75 years. Miss Corrine Seeger will teaoh the spring term of sobool in fraotional distriot No. 12, Lyndon. David Rockwell and family, of Chelsea. moved to Ithaoa. Monday, wbiob will be tbeir future home. Amos Ketcbesou bas sold bis farm in Augnsta to Wm, Webster, of Ypsilauti, and thinks of going to Dakota. J. J. Raftrey and A. W. Wilkinson will erect a two story briok building 23kS0 in Chelsea tbis spring. Cdailes MoCorkle, son of Rev. MoCorkle, formerly of Ypsilanti, died at bis borne in Detroit Wednesday of last week of typboid fever. Tbe roads in some parts of Freedom, where olay predominates, bave been so bad tbis spring tbat at one fnneral wbiob was beid tbere it took four horses to draw the hearse in order to get throagh. The Whittaker Yoang People's Ahsooiation has been reorganized witb tbe following offloers: Piesident, W. D. Simonds; vioe president, Mary Sobolts; reoording seoretary, Mnrl Bordine; oorresponding seoretary, W. A. Auderson ; treasnrer, Mis. F. J. Hammond ; organist, Ethel Bordine ; ohorister, W. A. Anderaon. Moses Woods, father of ex-Depaty Sheriff Jay M. Woods of Cbelsea, died at tbe home of his son at Burliugton, Kans., Sunday, Marob 27. He was born in Clarendon, N.Y, June 6, 1811, and lived there nntil he was 30 years of age w ben be was mariied to Miss Lydia Al. Preston, and moved to Sylvan Center. In 1868 be moved to Kansas. Tbe Western Wasbtanaw Union Farruare' Club will hold its next meeting Thnrsday, April 21, at the borne of Emil Zanke, in Freedom. Tbe topios for discasáiou will be"Wbat relation sboald we snstain to onr scbools?" and "If the U. S. shunld adopt tbe postal aavings bank system, bow conld the fonds be safely ntilized so as to briDg tbe greatest good to tbe greatest nnmber of people?" On Tuesday of last week the supreme conrt handed down a deoision in tbe oase of William Lewiok et al vs. Frank l Glazier flt al. in the mattei of tbe validity of the defendant's contract witb tbe village of Cbelsea for a sapply of water from tbe waterworks system owned by tbem. Last snmmer the oase wasdeoided agaiust tbe defendants in Hfc oirooit conrt, Jadge Kinne deciding tbat tbe contiaot was void. Tbe supreme oonrt decided that tbe meeting of tbe village oonnoil at wbich the contract was made with the Glaziers was a legal one and the contraot one thac the oooncil had tbe power to make. The deoree reverser) the decisión of tbe oiroait court with costs to the defendants agaiust the village. A farmer near Niles was swicdled recently by a new sóbeme whicb has jast been pnt into practioe. A ouuple of men drove on his premises and presented papers pnrporting to give state autboritv for examination of wells and oisterns nnder the pure food law. They iospeoted the water tbrougb a miorosoope and found all kinds of miorobes, bacteria, cholera germs and typhoid fever bngs. Tbey permitied the farmer aud his other half to look tbrougb the miorosoope they carried. Of oourse tbfry saw a menagerie that always was aud always will be bontained in a drop uf water. The thorooghly frlgbtened farm folks were advised to apply certaiu remedies, wbich the fakirs sold to thern at a hieh fignre, and then went on their way. An analysis of the remedy proved to be plain soda and botbing more. I John J. Marvin, of Ypsilanti, has been granted an $8 original pension. The Laaoaster Sunday sohool iu Bridgewatei organizad for tbe suminer last Sunday. One of tbe twin cbildren of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ballon, of Hndson's Mills, died Maroh 23, aged abont two months. Tbe macbinery of tbe Manchester creamery bas been removed to Brooklyn, tbe farmers baving oeased to snpport it. The Ypsilanti Township Sunday Sohool Association will bold an institute at the Baptist ohnrob, Ypsilanti, April 29. Angostos E. Ranyan died in tbe town of Colombia, Jaokson ooonty, Maroh 24, aged 48 years. fie was bom in Bridgewater. The Ladies' Aid Sooiety of the Stony Creok M. L. oboroh oow bas 21 rnerubers, sevfin new ones baving been reoently added to it. Dr. C. E. Sheldon, of Dexter, conteiuplates opening a dental office at Hamburg and wil] spend a portion of eaub week at tbat plaoe. The uortbern part of Webster township bas purcbased a ruad making machine and will make an endeavor to bave guod roads in that seotion. Rev. E. W. Ryan, presiding eider, will uoudnot qnarterly meeting at the Webster M. E. obnrob nest Snnday and will preacb at Hamburg in tbe evening. Prof. C. H. Carrick, superintendent of tbe Milan schools, was offered a like position at Alma bat bas deolined. The Milan sohool board bas raised bis salary. Miss Rose Scnlly, wbo hastangbt tbe sohool in district No. ?, Manchester, for three years past, will teaoh for tbe spring term in tbe Nichols district of tbat town. Tbe Brooklyn Exponent bas been sold by its foriner proprietor, Mrs. Cloogh, to J. B Stephenson, formerly priuoipal of the Brooklyn schools, fie will take poseession July 1. Walter Soott and family, who bave been residenta of Salem for tbe past 11 years, have bougbt the Frank Abrams farm in Brigbton townsbip. Livingston coonty, and bave moved there. Miss Verna Pratt. of Holly, and Mr. Louis A. Rioe, of Ypsilanti, wete mamad at Holly Wednesday eening of last week. Tbey will be at home at the Rice farm on the motor line after May 1. Mrs. J. S. Dickerson, of Dundee, injored a foot last January and it was plaoed in i cast. Since tben botb anus bave become paralyzed, and she is in a bad condition, being unable to go itiound on crutchess. A Kharon farmer left a iow of potatoes in bis garden nndug, last fall, and a few days since hfi dng tbem and had some cooked, wbicb be found all rigbt, and is preparing gronnd to plant the balance. - Manchester Enterprise. Wnister Bros. & Co., of Manchester bad a procession of 27 teams loaded with McCormick machinery tbe otber day, whicb they bad sold tbis spring. They gave tbe purchasers a dinncr at tbe Freeman honse. Gust Wuertbner, of Manchester, was examined in Detroit last week for admissiou to the naval departrnent of tbe government. If be passes inspection be bopes for a position as cook or baker on board some man of war. - Manchester Enterprise. William Tont, son-in-law of A. G. WillBey, of Dexter, died in Detroit, Maicb 24, aged 37 years. His remains were broogbt to Dexter Maroh 26 and interred in Forest Lawn cemetery. The funeral servioes were held in St. James' churoh Rev. H. Stonex offioiating. The Northfield Sunday scbool conveiition at its recent meeting eleoted as its offioers Gorge 3. Darkens preident, Ida Deyble seoietary, and Miss Leiand treasurer. The offioers were ohosen as a delegation to attend the county oouvention which meets in Ann Arbor next week. Tbe Nortb Sharon Sunday sohdol bas organized4wtih the following offioers : Superintendent, Hectar Coopet ; assistant superintendent, John Lerum ; secretary, Mabel Ordaway; treasnrer, Maxltwin; librarían, Agnes M. Obersmitb ; assistant librarían, Pearl Cooper. Ypsilanti townsbip farmers are plowiug t'or oats. Strawberries at 45 cents a qaart were a "feature" iu the Ypsilanti market last week. Mrs. Bridget Morris died at ber boni in Ypilanti Friday night at the great age of i5 years. Mauy Superior farmers will hire their men by the day iustead of by the moDth tbis .voar. H. D. Platt bas been eleoted manager of the botter faotory for the Ypsilanti Dairy Aseooiation, Chester B. Gregory died in Ypsilanti Tuesday of last week, of paralysis, aged 66 years and 9 months. Mrs. MoCone, of Masón, a sister of Mrs. P. W. Ross, of Ypsilanti, suffered a stroke of pi.ralysis last week. A Jacksou club bas been formed io Nortbfield whioh numbers nealry all tbe demoorats in the township on its rolls. Henry N. Willard, of Bay City, bas ooiumennoed a snit for divorce againet bis wife Mrs. Mary J. Willard of Ypsilanti. The Duudee post office has been raised to the third class and Postmaster Pulver's salary is now $1,000 per year, with allowance for cleik bire, rent, fuel, lightB, etc. Mrs. L. L. Bissel died at ber home in Ypsilanti Monday evening of pneumonia. She had been an invalid for 20 years. Her husband and one daughter survive her. Mrs. Thomas Morse, of Lima, died Thursday evening of last week of cancer of the stomach, aged 59 years. The funeral was held Sunday at the house, and the remains were interred in the Lodi Plains cemetery. The deceased leaves a husband and three children.