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jrt&%v Behind every great P-Ï man you will find a .■ 2 great mother. Behind yf every great qi ' sfi man you wlH S ISTS findahealthy Í V WA Jlchild's physl - . ytyfjtfL- Ji cal and 35xí-'! mental welr:Cyy!ñ fare dePend &v % ï I to a tremendrfc I dous degree jíj f lJ) mother'sconfll 11 dition during If i f A the period of 'liu (-. L I 1 ,i gestation. If, 7L, JJfh during these H' months, the f il ff f ' IW mother suf JW ? f fers f rom n. liin and disease nttrl i '" of the d?H' Ijl 'öpS cate and imVS portant organs that bear the burdens of maternity, the chances are that her child will be weak, pntry and sickly, with the seeds of serious disease already implanted in its little body at birth. If the mother, during the interesting period, suffers from the abnormal mental states which recur periodically with women who are weak in a womanly way, these conditions will impress themselves upon the mind of the child. Every woman wants children who are both physically and mentally healthy. Every woman may have that kind of children if she will take proper care of herself in a womanly way. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is the best of all medicines for prospective mothers. It acts directly on the delicate and important organs that beat the brunt of maternity. It makes them strong, healthy, vigorous, virile and elastic. It allays infiammation, heals ulceration, soothes pain and toues and builds up the shattered nerves. It banishes the usual discomforts of the critical period, and makes baby's introduction to the world easy and almost painless. It insures the little new comer'! health and a bountiful supply of nonrishment. Abook about keeping well. Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser. For paper-covered copy send 21 one-cent stamps to cover mailing only. Cloth binding, 31 stamtJS. Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buftalo, N. Y.


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