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Real Estate Transfers

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Catbrina Haas to John G Baner, Lima. $6,600. John F Bisele to David E Hoey.Soio, $900. Mary E Stewart to James and Mary Kelso, Ypsilanti, $700. Andrevv Allison to Mark A Lowery, Cbelsea, $250. Patriok Brannock to Richard Green, Manchester, $514.71. Frank E Holcombe to Etta Culver, York, $624.99. Beit E Dnnn to Edward L Dnun, York, $500. Miohael E Sage to Christian Lambarth, Lodi, $6,400. Jas L Rose to Hngh Shields, Soio, $4,000. Lonisa A Cooper to Elvira Clougb, Ypsilanti, $50. Matilda A Clark to Job A Marshall, Ann Arbor, $1,000. Pbilip Henne to Cbristian Bobnett, Lodi, $1,500. Christian Bohnett to Lydia Honning, Lodi, $1,600. Aagnst Jabn to Lydia Leitz, Lodi, $1,100. Jay Everett to E J Knlenkamp, Sbaron, $3,000. Joshna Cox to Naomi Dading, Aagasta, $1,175. Clarence G Taylor to Lyda Morrison, Augusta, $2,500. Antón Lataregaski to A Maciegewski, Augusta, $1,200. City of Ypsilanti to M. C. R. R. Co., Ypsilanti, $1. Tberon Goodspeed to M D Prindle, Ann ArborV $2,560. Frederiok Scbmid to John Burgardt, Ana Arbor and Soio, $3,450. Jobn Sobaufele to J J Schanfele, Dexter, $2,000. John Wbeeler to StearnB Wheeler, Webster, $1. Jean V Wheeler to Stearns Wbeeler, Webster, $1. Levi Carr t(i Ellen Alley, Dexter, $100. Ellen ï Alley to Henry Bootb, Dester, $1. Ernest Elsasser to Catherine Leoffler, Dexter, $1,600. Lucy Cbilds to Mary Hoover, Augusta, $425. Henry Cornwell to Ann Arbor Water Co., Ann Arbor, $1. A K Hale to Ann Arbor Water Co., Ann Arbor, $1. William Asquith to Ann Taylor, Dexter and Webster, $1. Mary J Maynard to City oí Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor, $1. Daniel Reeves to John Gates, Saline, $800. Minnie Salisbury to Martha N Alban, Augusta, $000. Harry Matthews to Jobn Rose, Ann Arbor, $2,642.49. James L Babcook to George Huss, Dexter, $6,500. W J Wallace to James fl K Taylor, Ypsilanti, $425. James H Taylor to Martha L E Dunoan, Ypsilanti, $2,028. John Podewits to Helena Podewits, Northfield, $1. Elizabeth Pray to William Winans, Northfield, $100. Helena Podewits (guardián) to John Podewits, Northfield, $1. Georgn W Thomas to Hagh Idontgomery, Ann Arbor, $4,500.