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"Int go it blind. Ttiere's Jio Xeed to in Aun Arbor -The Way is Al most Hedged with Guide Posts. Have you ever read a newspaper article. a Klowing account of some incident; told in elusive word to lead you on, and found it ended with a proprietary medicine advertisement? Made you mad, didn't it? And you were con vineed of the merit of that article? We think not, because it toldiyou the eiperience of somc stranger in a iar-away town; to take hLs word for it was like "going in blind." It's a very different thing when a, statement is prescrlbed f rom a citizon. Prom people we know and that's the caae here. Mrs. Jno. Kuebler, of 212 Miller Ave., says: "Some time ago I caught a severe cold which settled in my back aud kidneys and brought on an attaek of lumbago or backache. ïhere was a constant, heavy, dull, aching pain across my loins. It was pain ful for me to stoop or lift anything, I could not rest comfortably at night and always feit tirad and unrefreshed in the mornings. 1 was' generally run down and languid. Having seen Doan's Kidney Pilis advertised and recommended so highly I went to Kberbach &Sou's drug siore and got a box. I did not take all of them before 1 was cured and I have had no return of the trouble since. I gladly reeotnmend their use to others." Doan's Kidney Pilis are for sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents mai'.ed bv Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y. sole agents for the United States. Bemember the name Doan's and take no other.


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