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Gov. Pingree's Prizes

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The prizes offered by Governor Pingree for the best answers by studente to bis questions as to wbat differenoe it would have made to hirn had he been paid in gold or the "beet money'! during the war of the rebellion, he baving received a bounty of $50, pay of $13 per montb and baving been in the army three years aud fonrteen days. The goveruor also wiehed to learn wbat differenoe it made to the whole army and how mnoh it would take to pay the differenoe with 3 percent interest payable semi-annnally and componoded. Nine etndents sent in 1 sweis to the qnestioos and Adjt. -Gen. M. Irieh and Capt. Comelius Gardner, U. S. A., awarded the prizes of $50, $25 and $10 to M. J. Barry, Romanzo Adams and R. M. Watkins. The answers of JM. J. Bairy to the questions were as followB: Qnestion 1 - "What dift'erence did it make to me (i. e., Gov. Pingree?) Answer- $181.47. Questiou 2 - "What difference did it make to the wholo Union Army?" Answer- $566,224,855.51. Quesfcion 3 - "How nnioli would it take now to pay the differenoe with 3 per oent interest payable semi-annually and oompounded?" Answer - To pay Gov. Pingree's differenoe, $495.26. To pay the difference in the United States Army, $1,288,408,074.47.


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