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Tbere are yet no sigas oí an armistioe ...

Tbere are yet no sigas oí an armistioe ... image
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Tbere are yet no sigas oí an armistioe in the Jndson-Moran oontroversy. Procratination wa.5, of oíd, said to be the rbief of rime. Let us bope that it will not also prove tbe thief of opportnnity. Ir is boped tbat tliis oonntry bas not got to tbe pass wben it mast ask peinrission of foreign governments every time it wants to sneeze. Supervisor Ligbtball bas agaiu deruonstrated bis rnnning qualities in oarrying Sylvan by a good majority in a year wben tbe rapublican ticket tbere bad a good majority. It bas been binted tbat tbe real reason President McKinley is not to send in his message until Monday is to perruit tbe Ann Arbor Ligbt Infantry to bold tbeir grand military ball before being ordered to the front. Gov. Pingree decidedly objeots to axGov. Riob, now colleotor of oustoms, appearing at Lansing to lobby against bis pet railroad taxation sóbeme f-nd bas sent a dispatoh to tbe president asking tbat be be recalled. This is all very well, bnt the goyernor was aevex known to reoall his own. appointees wben lobbying for the governor's sobemes. . . , The spring electious everywhere show democratie gains. The aggregate of tbe majorities in Chicago show that tbe demoorats bad 26,000 majority in that city wbicb gave McKinley over 60,000 majority. Milwankee eleoted a democratie mayor by 8,000, the largest democratie majority in its history. It gave McKinley 9,000. Grand Rapids went deinooratio, and there are democratie gains all along the line.


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