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On Monday, April 11 at 4:30 a pupils recital will be given at Frieze Memorial hall. Tfae publio is invited. Ann Arbor Commandery, K. T., will attend divine service at St. Luke's church, Ypsilanti, Sanday evening. The Ann Arbor High School base ball team will play a game at Orchard Lake, with the Military Academy boys, May 14. An entertainment will be given in the Northside chapel tomorrow evening by one of tbe Sunday school classes which meet tbere. Lizzie B. West, colored, died Friday aged 29 years, 4 months and 19 days. The funeral services were held at her late home on Gott st. Sunday afternoon. The store on E. Ann st. , formerly occupied by H. F. Frost & Co., is being fixed up and will be occupied as soon as oompleted by Herman O. Waltera as a grocery store. F. M. Zwemer, a returned missionary from Arabia, delivered a fine address before the Young People's Christiay ünion of tbis city at the First M. E. church last Sunday evening. Monday was eleotion night and no quorum of the oonncil being present at tbe regular meeting which sbonld have been beid that evening, the session was adjoarned until last evening. "Under the Dome" at the Atbens Theater Monday evening was good only as far as the scenery was oouoerned. As a play it is of a veryjmedioore nature. Interesting oonfirmation services ' were held in the Zion Lutheran ohurch last Sunday morning. A claes of 11 boys and 18 girls reoeived the rite of oonfirmation at tbe hands of tbe pastor Rev. A. L. Nioklas. At the meeting of the Miohigan Epworth Leaguers held in Jackson, Satnrday, Dr. JR. S. Copeland, of this oity, was elected state president for tbe ensuing year. Thera are 681 chapters in the state with 38,583 members. The Church of Christ commenced a series of revival meetings on Sanday. They will continue througbout this month and will be conducted by Rev. H. D. Clark, one of tbe ablest aud best known ministers of tbe Disoiples' ohuroh. The beautiful oantata of "Kiog David" is to be given at the Zion Lutheran ohurch, on Wednesday evening, April 20. A mixed chorus of 71 voioes and ohildren's uborus of 30 voices will take part. öreat preparations for the event are being made. The cirouit oonrt stands adjoarned antil April 25. Ernest Hill, of Saline, is a patient in the ü. of M. hospital. Bon - March 29, to Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Steft'y, a son. Weight 12 pounds. The Yoong Peoplo's Religious Union of the Unitarian cbnroh have arranged to hold a social aud dance at the Elks' hall this evwiiug. Hon. J. K. Burton, of Kansas, will deliver tbe nusing lecture of the S. L. A. oonrse at Uuiveisity hall, this evening. The ladies of tbe A. M. E. choren are to give tbeir annual spring fair at the ohurch on N. Foorth ave., oominenoing April 18. A dranken farmer feil from his wagon just north üf the Michigan Central depot Monday night and was rendered nnoonscions for a time by tbe f all. J. Nelson Lewis, formërly of this city, is now first vioe president and general manager of the Pan-American Dredging Co., with headquarters at Boston, Mass. The University Comedy Clnb netted $400 by its reoent entertainment at the Athens Theater. It was dividnd between the Frnit and Flower Mission and the Atbletio Association. Tbe building oommittee of the board of supervisors visited the county house on Tuesday and decided to have the bnildings reshingled, repainted and othei minor impiovements made. Cyolists who desire to contribnte to repairing the bicyole path to Whitmore Lake, are reqoested to leave their subscriptions witb Miss Goodrich at Secretary Wado's oifioe at the nniversity. Mrs. F. E. Johnson died Monday afternoon after a sbort illness. Mr. Jobnson is a liaemau for the New State Telepbone Co. Tbe remains were taken to her old home at Morris, 111., for interment. Dr. W. B. Smith and daughter Mrs. Boutwell, .7. Q. A. Sessions and Q. A. Turner left Monday nigbt for Cinoinnati, to perfect tbe arrangement for Welcb Post at the ooming national encampment of the G. A. R. Mann Bros.' drug store is to be entirely made over this summer. Tbe arched ceiliug of tbe store is to be done away with, a new píate glass front is to be pat in and the building will be built up so as to form tbree stories. Tbose of our oitizens who do not dance and would enjoy visiting the anuory during tbe inspection and reception next Monday night are oordially invited to do so, and will certainly be heartily welcomed. R. Granger, Captain Co. A. Emery Keppler, George Keppler, John Reimold, Herman Armbruster and Phil O'Hara left Monday morniug for the Klondike gold flelds. They oarry a year's provisions with them aud want to begin work at the gold flelda by nest f all. Baoh & Butler's advertisetnent of tbe advantages of Ann Arbor as a residence city, which is printed on tbe baoks of their business envelopes, bas been produotive of Rome good already. One gentleman saw tbe notice, came to the oity, looked it over aud is uow oue of our citizens. Good. The Easter Day services at St. Andrew's cburoh will be as follows: 7:00 a. m., ííoly Communion ; 9 a. ra., Seoond Celebration of Holy Communion ; 10:30 a. m., Morning Prayer and Sermón with Third Celebration of Holy Commuuion; 4 p. m., Eveniug Prayer and Childreu's Festival. J. F. Schuh, M. J. Cavanaugh, Charles A. Ward, W. C. Mack, Arthur Brown, Capt. C. H. Manly, T. D. Kearney, J. L. Duffy, Titus F. Hutzel, B. F. Suhuniacher, F. E. Mills, W. H. Butler, M. C. Peterson, Judge H. Wirt Newkirk and others of this oity, and Daniel Barry, of Northfield, attended the Mohawk olub bauquet iu Detroit Tuesday evening. Haadsomely engraved invitations have been received which read : Mr. and Mrs. John C. Chalmers request your presence at the marriage of their daughter Jnlia to Mr. Edwnrd T. Hutzel, Thursday evening, April seventh, Élgfateen hundred and ninety-oteht, ut hall' ailoi' seven, Aun Arbor, Michigan. Both Miss Chalmers and Mr. Hutzel are well and favorably known, and a host of friemls will wish them a long life of happiness. The Webb will case will come ur. again in the probate court on Monday. The Modern Woodmen will give tbeii last dance of the season at tbeir hall, Monday evening, April 20. The Women's Auxiliary of the Y. M. O. A. will hold its regular monthly meeting Monday, April 11, at 3 p. ra., in the rooms of the uesociation. The Argos has received frorn Indian Commissioner J. T. Jacobs a copy of the 29th annual report of the board of Indian oommissioneis for the year 1897. Mrs. Naomi D. Seelye, widow of the late Rev. Thomas Seelye, is lying seriously ill at her home 821 E. Wahington st. She had a paralytic stroke Wednesday of last week. Schuyler Heywood on Friday afternoon gave a bond for $500 in Jnstice Duffy's conrt for bis appearance at the hearing of the assault case charged against hiru by Jacob Manrer. The Ann Arbor Railroad Co. will build its new hotel at Frankfort during the oorning summer, but it will not be ready for ooonpancy before the season of 1899. The Star of Bethlebem will give a social and dance at the United Friends' ball over B. St. James' store next Thursday evening, April 14. A good time is expecoted. The Binder store, corner of Main and E. Liberty sts. , will again be occnpied. It bas been leased by C. A. Hendricks and Cousins & Hall, and will be used as a millinery store and floral establishment. The Ann Arbor railroad oompany is abont to award the contract for the construction of another car ferry steamer. When completed and lannobed tb is will make three boats of tbis cbaraoter in the service of the Ann Arbor road on Lake .Michigan. Muehlig & Schmid, tbe hardware merobants. have pnrohased Hutzel & 'Jo. 's paints and oils business and will hereafter carry in stock a oomplete line of all goods in that line. Hutzel & Co. will devote themselves to their plumbing, steam fitting and heating jusiness. The A. A. L. I. will be here on Monday next, all rumora tu the contrary notwithstanding, and tbe greac military inspeotion, reoeption and ball will come off in the evening, war or no war. Citizens are respectfully requeBted to bang out their natiounal flags in honor of tbe day and tbe distinguished gnests who will be here. A lodge of 50 Elks was instituted at Adrián Wednesdiy night by Jackson offioers of the order. Tnere was a delegation of 175 from that city, together witn Boos's band aud orchestra. Visïtors were also there from Lanning and other plaoes. The prooession was headed by a real elk obtained from the Page Wire Fenoe Co. 's park. The University School of Music Building Assouiation ut its annual meeting Monday evening eleotei the following direotors: J. D. Ryan, Moses Seabolt, H. W. Douglas, H. S. Dean, Ottmar Eberbach, J. V. Sbeehan and H. J. Brown. The board organized witn J, D. Ryan as president, Mose8 Seabolt, vice president; H. VV. Douglas, secretary ; Ottmar Eberbach, treasurer. Supervisor Braün, of Anu Arbor town, was in the oity Saturday looking up those who are interested in keeping up the bicycle path to Whitmore Lake. In view of the way in whicb the path bas been out up by tbe people driving over it in wet weather hu suggests that the wheelmen draw up a resolution to put a stop to it if possible. Suoh a resolution, properly worden", if presented to the town board, would, te says, be unanimously passed. The 63d birthday of Mrs. Angeline M. Darling, of Ypsilanti, oocurring April Ist, her daughter, Mrs. P. W. Moore, of Aun Arbor, planned a complete surprise by writing to about 20 relatives to be present at the home of her mother on that day. Sons and daughters, and nieces and nepbews oarne at the appcinted time, taking Mrs. Darling by surprise. At first she tbought that all had come to visit with two oousins, Mrs. Doak and Mrs. Wentworth, of Eaton Rapids, bnt wben she found that it was to oelebrate her birthday she remembered that it was April Ist. A fine memento was given her and after a very enjoyable time which will long be remembered the friends took their departure. - Times. The Y. M. O. A. is arrangiüg for a banquet in the future. Miss Clara Avery, of Detroit, bas iveo 50 to the women's building of the Uuiversity of Michigan, Tbe number of people traveliog on the motor line between Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti averages 500 per day. Emannel Stadel, veho was witb E. F. Mills & Co. for eeveral years past now oooupies a position as clerk in Noble's Star ClothiDg House. Rev. Dr. Ort, president of Wittenberg College, will preach ac Trioity Lutberan uhurch next Sunday morning and evuuiug. On Monday evening he will deliver a leoture on "Gustavos Adolphus. " This will be the last lecture of the eries offered by the chnroh tbis season. At tbe annnal meeting of tbe Womena' Home Missiouary Society of the Conngregational churob, the following oflioers were eleoted for the ensuing year: Mrs. Wm. Biggs, president; Mrs. J. D. Williams, vioe president; Mrs. Emma F. Preston, treasurer; and Mrs. Mary V. Torran, secretary. Titus F. Hutzel is makiog extensive iniprovements to the store oocapied by Hotzel & Co. on S. Main st. The ceilings are being raised, hardwood floors laid, plate glass fronts put in on botb the flrst and seoond floors, and the wnole store fltted up in a manner commensurate with the rapidly inoieasing business of tbe firrn. Tbe Biok children in the homeopathie hospital bave been presentad with a fine soiapbook of pictnres which waB made and presentad to them by the school obJdren in Airs. Litchfield's room in tbe Dexter school. It was a kind and tbonghtfnl act and tbe book will help the Httle sufferers pass away ' man? a weary bonr of pain. The Ypsilanti editor of tbe Wasbtenaw Eveuing Times says: "'In oaBe of war and Company O is called ont it will devolve on Governor Pingree to appoint a proseoating attorney to take Captain Kirk's place dnring bis absenoe. Tbis will make a berth for some good Pingree lawyer. Seth Randall, did we hear somebody remark?" "Tbe Army and Navy" serves as tbe caption nnder wbicb two extrernely important subjeots are dealt witb in tbe North Amerioan Review for April, the firet, "The Great Lakes and tbe Modern Navy," by Lient. J. H. Gibbons, U. S. N., and the second on "Reaeons for Inoreasing the Regalar Army" by Lient. George B. Dnncan, U. S. A. Ann Arbor Typograpbioal Unon, No. 154, held its annnal meeting Tuesday evuning and eleoted offioers as f ollows : George R. Cooper, president; A. C. Sobairer, vice president; Sid Bangs, oorwspondiDg secretary ; Adam Goetz, seoretaiy-treasorer; Clyde C. Keir, sergeantat-arms; H. E. Parr, Robert Steveuson and üeorgi) Cole, anditing oommittee. In tbe ohancery oase of Saiah A. Cioss and Estella Cross Fisk agaiost Stephen H. Dodge & Son, asking for tbe setting asidè of a chattel mortgage wbicb tbe oomplainants cbarged bad been obtained ander duress, Jndge Kiune decided for the defense. His decisión ordered tbe amonnt of tbe mortgage, $130, to be paid witbin 10 days or the mortgage foreclosed. Miss Elsa Von Grave, teacher of piano playing at the Scbool of Mnsie, bas been engaged as soloist of the Boston Festival orchestra. She will appear with that organization in ooncerts at Madison, Wis., Milwankee, Wis., Saginaw, Mioh., Ogdensbnrg, N. Y., Pittsburg, Pa., and otber larga oities. Ann Arbor's reputation as a musical center is greatly enhanoed by having in her school of raasio snob superb arrints as Prof. Albeito Jonas and Miss Von Grave bave sbown themsalves to be. Superintendent Bradley, of tbe Ann Arbor road, bas notified employés that on and after May 4, all ticket agents, telegrapb operators, freigbt and passenger oondnotors, passenger brakemen and the first, seoond and third offioers of tbe company's steamers shall wear, while on daty, sach nniferms as the management designates. The nniforms are to be of dark blue material, those of the oondnetors and steamboat officers being provided with gilt or guld buttons, and those of the otbr employés with silver buttons. The lady ticket agents will wear a uniform consisting of dark blue blonse and skirt. The system of ventilation in the new law building of the university will be superior to that nsed elsawhere on tbe campus. By the ase of blowers the air in the various lectnre rooms will be changed from eight to twelve times per bour, tbe allowanea tor each stadent béng tbirty oubio feet of air per minute. Tlie greater the nuinber of stndents iu the room tbe oftener the air will be changed. Tbis is an important matter, espeoially in the largest lecture room, wbich is G7 by 52 fent and holds 400 persons, and in the library, whioh is 64 feet by 82 feet. The supervisión of the putting in of tbe system is in the hands of the arohitects, Spiers & Rolin, of Detroit, and Prof. M. E. Cooley. Ann Arbor Commandery, No. 18, K. T., held its annnal meeting Tuasday nigbt and elected tbe following offioers for the enauing year : Wm. A. Moore, E. C. ; J. F. Éoelzle, generalissimo; Ross Granger, captain general ; M. M. Read, prelate; W. H. Guerin, S. W. ; E. H. Eberbach, J. W. ; C. E. Hiscock, treannrer; J. W. Bennett, reoorder; N. D. Gates, standard bearer; W. S. Carpenter, sword bearer; H. F. Millar, warder; Thomas Taylor, sentinel; O. M. Martin, trustee. A noiiimittee consisting of C. E. Hiscock, J. B. Colvan and W. W. Watts was appointed to visit Pittsburg and see what arrangements can be made for the approacbing oonolave. The oommandery also voted to recommend L. C. Goodrich for grand warden in the grand oomraandery.