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Money For Militia

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Lanslng, Mich., April 5.- Two bilis are now betng prepared in the office of the adjutant general which will be lntroduced in the legislature, as soon as the governor, by special message, brings it within the scope of that body to legislate upon subjects other than those which were named in his cali for a special session. The first will provide for an appropriation of $500,000 to place the state on a war footing. .u will be similar in terms to the law of 1861, by which an appropriation ol $1,000 000 was made for war purposes. The bill will provide for the issue oL bonds for a term not exceeding twenty years probably at 5 per cent. interest, the bonds to be issued as the money is rLulred. . . The second bilí will provide for increasing the membership of the Michigan National guard to 150 men percompany, the present law limiting the membership to eighty men and three eommissioned ofReers. The governor ■will, it is understood, pave the way for the aotion of the legislature upon these bilis by a special message. Captain Gardner of the United States army has been in coiisultation with Adjutant General Cysh and severa] Communications have been reeeived f rom the governor hearing upon the subject under eonsideration. Arrangements were made for the equipment of the state naval reserves, the number of whom will at once be increased to 300.


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