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Origin Of Papal Mediation

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Madrid, April 5.- The correspondent here of the Associated Press has just had an interview wlth a high personage of great authority, who cleared upmany discrepancies in previous reports, showing just how the papal intervention occurred. This minister said: "There is no papal telegram whatever. What happened was that the Spanish ambassador at the Vatican was approached by Cardinal Rampolla (the papal secretray of state), who told him that the president of the United States had allowed it to be understood that papal intervention would be acceptable. The Spanish ambassador wired here to that effect, and thereupon we indicated that though having sent a categorical reply to President McKinley- the terms having previously been conceded to the last point consistent with Spain's we were „„tüiT, the DODe would respect the rights and honor of Spain, and agreed to nis intervention. It was impossible for our regular army, fighting rebels, to agree to offer an armistice at the suggestion of a certain foreign power, but when the father of Christendom, without force but with vast moral power offered intervention we could not refuse accepting, knowing well that reliance might be placed upon nis independent judgment. So not an armistice but a truce- a truce of God- has beeñ agreed upon. This, however requires action upon the part of the United States- consequential action to our concession. Spain has shown her wiilingness to secure peace by concessions to the last point consistent with her national honor. The future depends upon the power of the American government in controlling hostile public opinión.


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