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1 "Jimmie'' Baird, the tonner captain f the U. of M. football team, is now i :onstruction superintendent for a arge ürm in New York at a salary of 4,S00 a year. T. A. Berkebile, D. W. Fishell and i r. B. Campbell left Wednesday for Chicago, wliere they will represent Michigan Ohapter of Delta Chi in the innual fraternity convention. Sexton, Michigan's pitcher of three md four years ugo and coach in '96, Ni] play with the Baltimore National League team this season. Ile graduites trom the University of Pennsyli'ania in June. Joseph Ripley, a gradúate ' of the 3lass of '76 in civil engineering, has neen appointed to thesuperintendency jf the locks at the ' Soo," to succeed E. V. Wheeler, of '76, who is now 2bief engineer of the Nicaragua canal. The junior engineers in the University of Michigan will take a trip east in the spring recess under the guidance of Mr. Allen, and possibly also of Mr. Jones of the engineering visit important works and plants connected with their studies. Prof. F. N. Scott, university editor of the Michigan Alumnus, lias made the offer to write up from the university for any local paper that so desires it an article on students from its own town and county. The article will teil what students are doing and what honorsthey are winning. The annual election of the U. of M. Daily board was held Saturday and resulted in a victorv for the slated ticket, editors being elected as follows: T. R. Woodrow, '98; C. H. Lund, 1900; J. F. Thomas, 1901; P. W. Jones, '99; O. H. Hans, 1901; E. L. Geismer, '98 L.; G. D. Hudnutt, 1900; H. B. Skillman, '98 L.; F. D. fiaman, 1900; F. Englehard, '98; A. H. McDougall, 1901 E.; E. Danforth, '98. The Oratorieal Association elected officers Tuesday night and was a boisterous affair. The lits tried to have a scheme adopted whereby the offlcers would be divided in rotation, but the laws voted down all such propositions. The following were elected, all laws: President, F. II. Bowers, of Edon, O.; vice-president, C. W. Erlick, of St. Johns, Mo. ; secretary, R. W. Means, of Colorado; treasurer, A. W. Ganshow, of Saginaw; delégate to Northern Oratorieal league, D. T. Jones, of Lansing.


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