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John Woolsey died at his home in Ypsilauti, Tuesday night, of paralysis, aged 77 yeais. Calvin M. Lowe, an olĂ­ resident of Wbittaker, died at his home Wednosday at the age of 72 years. The fnntral vvill be held today. Mre. C. N. Holmes, died afc the borne of her son, Edward Holmes, on Ypsilanti Plains Tuesday uigbt, aged 79 years. Het busband died jast aboat a year ago. HenryjPelant, ptoprietor of tbe flouring milis at Bp.lleville.onmrnitted snioide at bis residenoe on Main st., by taking a dose of paris green Thnrsday rnorning. Mr. Pelant had been in ill healtb for several days but was thongbt to be improving. Mrs. Absynia N. Kolsey, living near Milan, snffered from spinal trouble for nine years, being unconsoious part of tbat time. She got Rev. John A. Uowie of tbe divine healing missioD, Chicago, to pray for ber, and she is well, attending to ber honsehold duties again. What next? G. H. Soharf, of Ypsilauti, met with an acoident at Owosso last week. He was on top of a boiler putting in one of bis smoke oonsnrners when he got bold of a live eleotrio wire. Il barned the flesh on his little finger'to the bone. He full over on tbe boiler and bnrned bis head somewbat. Fred Carter, the young man arrested for attempt at rape on his 14-yar-old niece in Augusta, was to have bad his examination Wednesday morning. The mother of tbe girl, however, refused to appeur unless obliged to and Jostioe Cbilds got out a bench warrant for her and set tbe examination for Priday. The mother made the affidavit whioh supported the issoing of the complaint and warrant. Win J. Wallace, of Ypsilanti, says be was in a theater in Boston recently during a performanoe of "Jack and the Beanstalk" and was nearly kuooked off trom bis seat by a gag sprung by the comedian of the company. Little Jaok Horner, Goody Two Sboes and all the rest of the Motbei Goose cbaracters were in a great quandary as to bow to get into the Giant's house. Suddenly the f airy queen (a farcical impersonation by a man) appeared and to dispel tbeir troubles waved tbe ruagio wand and shonted out tbe mystio words, "Ypsilanti. Miohisanti." Suoh is! fame. -