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The house of representatives Wednesday, after one of the most exciting and memorable days in its history, by a vote of 322 to 19, adopted a resolution which nine-tenths of its members believe makes war with Spain inevitable. The senate is now considering even stronger resolutions, but it is not thought that a vote will be reached before tonight or tomorrow morning. The house resolution was as follows: "Whereas, The government of Spain for three years past has been waging, war on the island of Cuba against a revolution by the inhabitants thereof without making any substantial progress towards the suppression of said revolution, and has conducted the warfare in a manner contrary to the laws of nations by methods inhuman and uncivilized, causing the death by starvation of more than 200,000 innocent non-combatants, the victims being for the most part helpless women and children, inflicting intolerable injury to the commercial interests of the United States, involving the destruction of the lives and property of many of our citizens, entailing the expenditure of millions of money in patroling our coasts and policing the high seas in order to maintain our neutrality; and "Whereas, This long series of losses, injuries and burdens for whioh Spain is responsible bas calminated in the destruotiou of the United States battlesbip Maine in tbe barboróf Havana and in tbe death of 260 of oor searuen, "Resolved, That the 'president is bereby authorized anddirected to 1 vene at onoe to stop the war in Cnba, to the and and with the pnrpose of secnring permanent peace and order there, and establishing, by free action of the people thereof, a stable and independent government of owa iu the island of Cuba, and the president is hereby authorized and empowered to use tbe land and naval forces of tbe United States to execute the puipjse oE this resol ufion."