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jjj CtBET oí trouble around a kSkT' TosÍ tree. The only way I -jf 1 "S Ys 's come stJuarely i V7l i W I ou' an( ace e diflyj' dffí i f yoH are s'ck or V-4 iBj kalf the best l J Hm ! course is not to negjjt E I I 'ect or 'Bnore it, or p W" lt pretend that it HP ■ X II n doesnt exist. but to f_( ff find the proper rem IJ! edy and use it " ' tic condition of the systetn not only makes life miserable, but it is sure to lead to something worse, unless promptly taken in hand and corrected. It is foolish to attempt to dodge such troubles by any mere temporary expedient. The only sensible way is to get nd of them for good and all by a thoroughly rational, scientific medicine like Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It cures all disordered. debilitated conditions by its direct action upon the liver and digestive organs; it gives them power to make fresh, healthy blood free from bilious impurities; it drives all disease-germs out of the circulation; it creates solid, muscular flesh and constitutional power. Lung and throat affections, which are often simply the result of impaired nutrition, are reached and cured by this wonderful "Discovery" in cases where ood liver oil emulsions are useless, because the " Discovery " is readily assimilated by delicate stomacbs. It is far superior to malt extracts, because its beneficial effects are permanent. " Dr. Pierce, I am one of your most grateful patients," writes Mrs. Annie M. Norman, of Équmunk, Wayne Co., Pa. "I have taken 'Ooiden Medical Discovery,' also ' Favorite Prescription ' and ' Pellets ' with wonderful results. I am, as many of my friends teil me, like the dead brought to life. The doctors said I had consumption and death was only a matter of time. That -was six years ago. I concluded to tiy yonr medicine. I continued until I had taken nine bottles of 'Discovery' and several bottles of ' Pellets.' I got well and have done a great deal of hard work since." When the liver and bowels don't work, the body and brain won't. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are a sure, safe, speedy and permanent cure for constipation, and a torpid liver. One " Pellet " is a gentle laxative and two a mild cathartic.


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