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The performance of the oomic opera "The Geisba" at tbe Athens Friday evening was a partioulary bright aDd pleasing ooe. AU of the stock farcical situations known to the stage having been put into a tlieatrical kaleidoscope by Mr. C. T. Dazey, he has given it a turn and lo ! there is a new combination called "The Tarrytown Widow," which will be at the Athens Theatre Tuesday evening, Feb. 19. There is scarcely a scène of complication in this farce that has not been used in other plays, and yet it is in the best sense original. At all eyents it is amusing. Although played in four acts it is a farce pure and simple, but the authorbas arranged fresh coraplications tor each act so that the interest does not flag even when the denouement is known. The company is very clever in the respective parts and plays with the dash and finish, so necessary in successful farce comedy. Many of the fruits and vegetables riow eateu in Euglaud were aimost uuknown to our forefathers. Not uiitil Henry VIII's time were there either raepberries or strawberries or cherries grown in Englaud, and we do not read of the turiiip, cauliflower and quince being cnltivated bef ore the sixteeutb oentury or the carrot befara the sevea teenth ceiitury.


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