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A Warning To Consumers

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In the March bulletin issued by state dairy and food commissioner, E. O. Grosvenor, he gives a warning to consumers and says: "In the early part of March it was learned that a man giving the name of II. H. McCuen had taken a large number of orders f rom consumer3 direct, at Battle Creek, for teas, coffees, spices, baking powders, etc, tor future delivery. For two weeks tbis department had an inspector watching for the party who was slow in making the delivery. On March 29th, it was reported that a car load of -these goods had arrived at the Chicago & Grand Trunk depot. The next day a stranger giving nis name as Nelson Mayer began delivering and collecting on these orders He hired a conveyance, and, having notiüed the purchasers beforehand, delivered a small part of the orders before samples of the goods could be obtained and tested. A warrant was issued and he was arrested and arraigned before Justice Lewis on the charge of disposing of a can of impure mustard. He waived examinatiqu and was bound over to the circuit court, bail being set at $200, which he succeeding in raising. The balance of the goods were packed and shipped out of the state. 'Manyof the articles sold were of the poorest quality that could be gotten up, and in many instances were sold at much higher prices than the same pure goods could have been purchased of the home merchant. " The plan usually followed by these violators of the pure food laws is to deprecíate the class of goods sold by the local grocer and offer a seemingly pure article at a cheaper price. Seldom are these cases reported to this department until the delivery and collections have been made and the partjes have sought other lields of operations.''


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