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Would Like To Be A P. M.

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The Wasbtenaw Evening Times says: "Hou Jabe Wortley (of Ypsilanti) has awitched again. He held a meeting with himself und moved that bis former aotion in oomiDg ont for Pingree be resoinded. He supported the motidu bimself and it was carried unanirnousiy. Says the Hon. Jabe: 'I arn for MoMillan fliBt, last and all tbe time, througli tbick and tbin, in siokness and in health, and tbereto 1 plight my trotb. ' This sort of looks as if the Hou. Jabe would like to pnt 'P. M. ' after bis name as soon as Mr. Bogardnp drops the title." Fifteeu bids were submitted Wednesday evening íor tbe Main st. pavetaeut. Three of tneee were tbrowD ont as informal. Five of tbe remaining ones are for brick, four for aspbalt and three for storm sewers, City Engineer Key is tabulating the bids for presentatinn to the common oouncil Monday uigbt.


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