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ñ- BONNER'S I I volH0RSE 1 1 }MWCLEANER 1 Y f 1 1 f nTJüTrc v - íuJlJtíJij V ThoXew.v % A COAT LATE VELVET No Brush or Gomb. ï Removes dandruff and dirt. Sure ( preventive against Flies, Fleas, ( Mosquitoes and Lice. Keeps hair A fine, soft and silky. A tonic, hair ( srrower, aids shedding. Cures Mange, Scratches, stops irritation and rub hing. Saves Time, Feed and Money. (. Used for Horse, Cow and Dog. Cali on dealer, or will ship half gallon on ( receipt of $i.oo. Will clean horse ( over ioo times. Satisfaction Guaran} X teed or cash returned. OLEDO SPECIALTY CO., Toledo, Ohio.SSS Bonner's m. Barn Dust ( .'Nbrt SS) y} Disinfectant J!tVv' J&?$ ' 7S yy K eeps barn f resh SÏ, rvíSfcí t ■ A i Hoof Dressing 1 ( j ?? SS The 0Id Way vC& r R. WILLIAMS, AttornflT ú Law and Pension Claim Attornov, MILAN, MICH. Conveyanoingrand Collectiona A Racket Store in any town is a bonanza to purchasers, and if appearances eount for anytliing the people of Ann Arbor, when they flnd a good thing-, are disposed to HANG TO IT Eacket prioes are special prices. The Racket Man selis everythins, while the single idea merohant has special prices only on hts ad vertising: leaders, otherwise he could not make any mouey, for his trade is conüned to those in want of his single line, but the Racket is special in everything and the poor share ccjually with the rich in its many bargains. High Wheel 14 inch Lawn Mowers $2.20, 16 inch $2.45, 18 inch $2.70. 5 Burner Step Gasoline Stoves, $8.9ö' 4 Burner Step Stoves, $7.95. 2 Burner, $2.98. Chenille ïable Covers, 49c. Damask 8-4 Table Spreads, 44c. Men's Bleached Jean Summer Drawers. 25c. Men's Liglit Weight Summer Jersey Shirts and Drawers, 24c. Embroidered Carriage Lap Busters, 39c. Some rattling great big, nice ones, genuine Momie, only 69c. Crown Shovels, long handle, round point, 63c. At the Ráoket all goods are raarked in pluin figures. We have no Volapuk selling mHik but U8e all alike. THE RACKET 202 E, Washington St,


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