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The Elephant's Neck

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The reason the elephant's neck Is short is that the head of the animal ia so heavy that were it placed at the end of a neck proportionate to the dimensions of that member in other anímala an almost incalculable amount oL muscular forcé would be necessary to elévate and sustain it. The almost total absence of a neck obviates the difficulty and the trunk serves as a substitute. The uses and advantages of a long neck, peculiarly exemplified in the giraffe, whlch contains only the same riumber of vertebral articulations as in the elephant, are in the latter supplied by the trunk or proboscls, by which he is enable to carry food to his mouth and to drink by suction. This curious organ contains a vast number of muscles variously interlaced, is extremely flexible, endowed with the most exquisite sensibility and the utmost diversity of motion, and compensates amply for the absence of a long


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