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Prof. Harry Tburston Peelt, in The Bookman. in describing what the tranger may see in Liverpool - if he has the quick eyes of Prof. Peck - notes a curioiis instance of church rivalry. Something of the sort may be observed in other parts of the world, though uaually Iess frank in methods. "The stranger," wrltes Prof. Peck, "will be pleased to observe near the Prlnce's Park two small dlssenting chapéis that are evidently rivals in tije work of saving souls, for each has a large tin sign invlting spiritual ustom. Both salute the wayfarer with 'Welcome All!' but one describes lts xercises alliteratively as 'Brief, Bright and Brotherly,' while the other, with perhaps a profounder psychological tnsight into human nature, saye nothing bout the brlghtness or the brotherliness, but gets down to a definite basis n the question of brevity in announcing (as though it were a surgical operation) that it is 'All Over in One Hour," adding also, still more reassuring. 'Sermón Positively On] y Fifteen Minutes.' "


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