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A Bicycle Shower Bath

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A decided novelty has recently bee brought out by a French bicycle manufacturer.and has been exhiblted by him at a cycle show in Paris. It is termed, according to Invention, a velo douche, and i8 an eminently practical device for combining exercise with the morning ablutions. S consists of a shallow tub, to which is secured a framework carrying a bicycle saddle, a handle bar, pedáis, sproeket wheels and chain. The resemblance to a bieycle goes no farther. The suction pipe of the pump ends near the bottom of the tub, and the discharge pipe is curved and ends in the sprinkler arrangement common to all shower bath3. A eork half way up the discharge pipe permits of the water being turned on to the sprinkler or through the hose and nozzle, depending on whether a bath is desired or not. When the rider has exercised sufficiently he can reach backward and turn the cock so as to let the water pass upwards and out of the sprinkler. The harder he pedáis, the larger the stream. The tub can be divided into two compartments, one containing hot water, and the cold and hot douche may then be used at will.


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