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Dull Boys

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Dull boys often become clever and successful men; but this ia simply on account of the fact that dull boys are only slow boys, and It takes more time 'ot their brains to grow than the others. It Is steady work, cea3eless endeavor, that teÜ3. Then, again, we forget that a bright boy may be handicapped by other qualitiies; he may not lave the physical strength or energy of thë other, while the dull boy is carried forward by never-failing energy and strength; for it is often his dullness at school that makes the dull soy's subsequent success so conspicuous. How many dull boys have become still duller men, and how many bright )oys still brlghter men! Like the old reproach about ministers' sons, one Dright boy that turns out ill is made to stand for the wholer class; and one dull 3oy that -turns out well glorifies his whole class. Notwithstanding all our nventions, all our progress, the old Scripture doctrinestillholds good - that men reap what they sow, and cannot gather grapes of thistles, nor figs of thorns. It can be set down, therefore, as an established rule that bright boys generally do turn out to be bright men, and dull boys generally do turn out ;o be dull men. This, you see, gives the atter a chance, which can be fortified jy declaring that good boys always :urn out good men, and generally successful men.


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