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SAVE XHE BABY I zö. A mother will risk het LVS5k own life many times U 5jover, to save her babe JiC "flfrom the horrors of hyfJ$[ drophobia. There are jdjf vS?W graver perils from which %Jfft?$Ö3f1 a mother should protect PTl$fjLr her A mad doS is I fllft Kg?pw a rarity, but thousands Lj tMB. f children die daily bep gAB k cause of the seeds of c%?3 Bdisease implanted in Ie 1 .HHPL their little bodies beÍÉTLiBmKn. A woman may in sure the health of Jf ,,t C sees to it that she gestation. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription cures all weakness and disease of the delicate and important organs that sustain the burden of maternity. It makes them strong, healthy, vigorous and elastic. It banishes the squeamish spells of the expectant period and makes baby's introduction to the world easy and nearly painless. It rids maternity of peril. It insures the newcomer's health and an ampie supply of nourishment. It transforms sickly, nervous, fretful, despondent, childless women into healthy, happy, belpfol, amiable wives and mothers. Over 90,000 women have testified to the benefits derived from this tnarvelous medicine. It does away with the necessity for the embarrassing examinations and local treatment upon which most physicians insist. It substitutes certainty for the doubtful treatment of obscure physicians, who seldom correctly diagnose these troubles. All medicine dealers sell it, and Dr. Pierce will cheerfully give free advice to ailing women who write him. Scores of women who have been permanently cured of obstinate and dangerous diseases by this gTeat medicine, have permitted their names, addresses, experiences and photographs to be printed in Dr Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser. This book is free and contains 1008 paees, telling the home-treatment for most diñases. Send 21 one-cent stamps, to cover mailing only, for paper - covered copy. Cloth binding M stamps. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Bufifalo, N. Y.


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