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Crows And Corn

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A correspondent of Country Gentleman says in regard to preventing crows from pulling corn : What will prevent in one sectionseems tofail inothers. In my section images and twineare played out. The crows have become accustomed to them and will not respect them. One of my neighbors told me he left his coat hanging on a twine pole while he went to his dinner. When hecame back he fonnd a blackbird sitting on his coat as a sentinel to others pulling his corn. I will give what is effectual with me and it is so simple all may try it: Take old newspapers, some five or more to the acre; lay them on the ground, only one thickness; put a lump of earth or stone in the iniddle so the ends may move with the wind. Put them on elevated places if the ground is uneven, as the rain and dew will soon dry out, so the corners can move with the wind. You can renew them occasionally if required. This I think will be effectual in sections where it is not already played out. A neighbor had a field adjoining mine and images, twine, tin and shingles failed. He had to replant several times, while papers protected mine, not a single spear being harmed. This remedy is also effectual to keep wocdchucks and rabbits from beans and peas.


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