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Bad Blood isa Good Thing to be rid of, b...

Bad Blood isa Good Thing to be rid of, b... image
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Bad Blood isa Good Thing to be rid of, because bad blood is the breeding place of disfiguring and dangerous diseases. Is ymr blood bad ? It is if you are plagued by pimples or bothered by boils, if your skin is blotched by eruptions or your body eaten by sores and ulcers. You can have good blood, which is pure blood, if you want it. You can be rid of pimples, boils, blotches, sores and ulcers. How ? By the use of ftyers Sarsaparllla It is the radical remedy for all diseases originating in the blood. Read the evidence : "Ayer's Sarsaparilla was recommended to me by my physician as a blood purifier. When I began taking it I had boils all over my body. One bottle cured me." - Bonnes Craft, Wesson, Miss. "Af ter six years' suffering f rom blood poison, I began taking Ayer's Saraaparilla, and although I have used only three bottles of this great medicine, the sores have nearly all disappeared." - A. A. ManNING, Houston, Tsxas.


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