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Unfortunate Beginning

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Sir William Bowan Hannlton, professor of astronomy in the Dublin university, used to speakwith the strongest reverenoe of Bishop Brinkley, bis predecessor. He had for him a filial affeotion and used to recall with a huniorous melancholy the time of their first meeting, wnen, said he, "I am afraid I offended him. " I was a yonth of 18 and sat next him at some public luncheou. We did not gpeak, and I feit that good manners required me to break the silenoe. My eye happeued to rest ou a large map of Van Diemen's Land hangiug on the wall. I turned to hirn. "My lord," said I, "were you ever in Botany Bay?" The bishop turued to me with a look of severe displeasure. "Eat your soup, sir, " said he, "eat your soup." And then it ocourred to me that he thought I was askiug whether he had ever been "tfansported, "for at that time Botany Bay was where desuérate crimináis were sent for a punishment. -


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