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Dewey Killed Three Hundred

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Madrid. May 16.- A dispatch to me Liberal Ă­rom Manila, daled May 9, and sent by sppria! steamer to Hone: Kong, says: The aisenal has surrendered and Cavite has been evacuated by our troops. The Spanish losses were 300 men killed and 600 men wounded. The enemy suffered considerably, including an offlcer killed on the Olympia. The Baltimore was damaged. Our shells did not burst, and all the enemy's shells burst. Admiral Dewey has had a long conference with the foreign consuls. The Yankees took and burned the merchant ships. Corrigedor island was betrayed. A consultative assembly Is discussing the horrible situatlon created by hunger and misery. We are isolated by the blockade and are in fear of an immedlate attack. Since the cable was cut little new has happened. The blockade continĂșes, but Admiral Dewey says he will not bombard the town without his government's orders. He also says he hopes that a general rebellion will take place within four days. New bands are on foot in Pamanga.


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