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Marriages In Southern India

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The inhabitants of southeru India have peculiar marriage customs, accordiug to Dr. Boeck, the Germán explorer. There are always two ruarriage ceremonies, be says, one taking place when the betrothed ones are inere infants and the other wheo the bridegroom takes his -wife to bis owu home. At the iufant marriage rites two brothers of the boy place hini ou au elepbant and take bim arouud to give him a glhnpse of the city wbere be aud bis bride are to live, and at the same time the girl's mother is doing her share by singing to the little one a marriage song. At the final marriage the mother-inlaw leads the young husbaud by the nose into a room, where his friends and relatives are awaiting bim, and, amid the loud noise of tamtams, the shrill whistle of pipes and the roaring of trumpets, tbe bride enters, unveiled. She gives the men present au opportunity to gaze at her, because in future no man but her husband may look at her face. Sbould this rule be broken at any time, her husband must coinmit suicide, and she must be burued on a funeral pyre before the sin is blotted out. The bride is placed in a basket during the Brahmán marriage ceremony, anc wheu it is over she emerges veiled anc closelv guarded by her husband and his


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