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Under Darkness

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Cape Haytien, Hayti, May 17.- [Copyrighted, 189S, by the Associated Press.] - Two Spanish cruisers or gunboats are making' their base of operations at Badiuiri, or Guantanamo bay. They are known to be moving every night in the va'tíers between Hayti and Cuba. A Haytíanschooner, plying between the Mole St. Nicholas, Jean Rabel, and Glatinagua, reports through an agent of the Cuban insurgents at Port de Paix, having met Spanish vessels severa! times during the past few weeks. The Spanish vessels are supposed to hide in the Cuban ports during the day and to go out cruising at night. Madrid, May 17.- A dispatch reeeiveil here from Havana says that a small naval boat, having a crew of seventeen men, has been blown up off Cárdenas while engaged in rernoving torpedoes from that harbor. The dispatch adds that a torpedo exploded through -the negligence of those engaged in the work and that all the crew of the boat referred to perished. The dispatch does not indícate whether the boat was an American or a Spanish craft. Key West, Fla., May 17.- Beats which have just arrived here from the blockade fleet say they have no knowledge of any craft having been blown up off Cárdenas or elsewhere. The opinión is expressed that the Spanish report probably originated in the Wilmington sinking the Spanish derelict schooner loaded with old iron.


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