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Cruiser Harvard All Right

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New York, May 17.- There are assurances that the war board has found a way to eet the Harvard out of St. Pierre harbor without risk of tion by the Spanish torpedo boat destróyer Terror. It involves the use oí the Yale and the Montgomery to watch the port at the three-mile limit, to waJt until the Harvard appears and then to be prepared, in case the Terror .follows, or other Spanish torpedo boat destroyers come along-, to fall upon them vvith thelr heavy and light rapid-firing guns and destroy them. On the other hand, there are naval offieers who laugh at the fuss that has been made over the situation at St. Pierre and declare that there is nothing to prevent the Harvard frorn leaying if she desires to do so, and nothing but the assumption that the torpedo boat destróyer is a formidable vessel to lead to the opinión that it could destroy the Harvard without dlfficulty. When Captain Cotton has completed the repairs, said to be needed by the Harvard, the nature of which has not been eommunicated to the department, he can leave, and it is believed that France will stick closely to the custom under neutrality laws to prevent the Terror from leaving until twenty-four hours later.


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