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Suspect Widow And Son

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Topeka, Kan., May Ir.- The mystery surrounding the murder of J. S. Collins at hls home at 5 o'cïock in the morning s gradually being cleared up. Suspicion rests upon members of the family, and both John Collins, the son, and Mrs. Collins will be held pendine a fuller investigation. The murdered man ■was followed to the cemetery by the greatest concourse of people known in the history of Topeka, The investigation by a dozen detectives during the last three days proves conclusively, the officers say, that Collins was not murdered by a burglar, and that he had no enemies who would go into his home and murder him. On Friday evening Collins and his wife were away from home, attending a Mascnic gathering. Young John Colins and his sister Grace were left at home. When the parents returned, the children had retired. When the shots were flred from the shotgun which killed Collins, Mrs. Collins said, shewas also hit by the scattering shot from the gun, and that she called to her son and daughtej; who were asleep in their rooms aboviS Investigations show that Mrs. Collins was not shot at all. The revolver which Mr. Collins always kept under his pillow was found in a closet. The theory is that if young Collins murdered his father he removed the revolver from undernea-th the pillow while his parents were out to be sure the father would not kill him in self-defense. Detectives visited Lawrence, where young Collins had been attending the university. They discovered that he lived beyond the $25 monthly allowance provided by his father, and that he had borrowed money here and at Lawrence without the knowledge of his parents. He often complained beoause his father, who was well-to-do, had not given him more money. It is related that young Collins seemed not at all grieved over the death of his father. Officers say they have circumstantial evidence which may lead to the conviction of both widow and son.


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