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A Cheap Barn

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A plan for a cheap barn without a basement for cattle and machinery is presented by a correspondent in The National Stockman and Farmer. The barn is 40 by 64 feet. The stables are crosswise of the building and capable of accommodatie 20 head of cattle. A A are walks 3 feet wide. B B are manure gutters. C C are the platforms and stalls. D D are the leed troughs ana mangers or raoks coinbined. E is the feeding alley. F is storage room for the farm machinery 38 by 40, with sliding doora H H 12 f eet wide and I I 10 feet wide. G G G are windows. The building shonld be 20 or 24 feet high, â– which will give storage room in the loft above for quite a large aniount of hay. The hay may be taken iu at one or both ends by meaas of the horse fork.


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