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Could Not Find Two Such Men

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Times : Id the Cari Wnertbner oase Monday Attorney Freeman, wbo represent8 the defense, was trying to bring ont the fact tbat the plaintiff was as well able to work as any young man in Manchester. Dr. Kapp, of Manchester, was on the stand. "Now, doctor," said Mr. Lehman for the plaintiff, "teil us the name of a oertain yonng man in Manchester wbo runs his father's store, is record keeper in the K. O. T. M., sings in the ohoir, sells bioycles and peddles papers until 10 o'clook atnigbt." "I objeot to the question,'' said Mr. Freeman. "Your Honor, "said Mr. Lehman, "the counsel for the defense has said that the plaintiff was as well and capable of any work as any yonng man in Manohester and I want to show wbat a oertain otberyonng man doesthere." "Well," said Jndge Kinne, "it in snrely not to be expeoted tbat two snob aocommodating yonng men ooald be found in the same village. I will snstain the objection."


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