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They Both Went Fishing

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A young rnarried man in tbe seoond ward bad tbe tablea torned npon lmn in a ratber uuexpected rnanuer last Sunday. He went off on an independent fisbing excnrsion leaving bis wife at borne alone muoh against ber inclination. Having finiaheci ber tnorning's work she wag sitting on the front steps wben a party of neighbors carne and after passing tbe usual greetings one of tbe gentlemen of the party temarked tbat she looked lonesoiae and asked wbere her busband was. Söe replied that herwas gone fisbing and wisbed tbat sbe conld go ñsbing. "Get on yonr maokintosb tben, and oome with ns, " said the gentleman. The lady quickly followed np the invitation and away they went. A bont 11 o'clook tbe yonng hnsband, having experienoed some qnalms of conscinoe at baving tbas left bis spouse, retnrned home. The doors were all securely locked and as a last resource, to get into his home, he had. to go throngb tbe cellar winduw. A neighbor saw bim thos employed and a little oross qnestioning inforraed tbe young man where his wife was. She arrived home aboot 6 o'clock after a delightfnl day's onting. Charlie says he would not have minded it so much had he known where they went for tben beoould have followed and fonnd tbem and not spent tbe afternoon in so lonely a manner. Bot tben tbere is an old adage wbiob says "What is sanee for the goose is sauce for the gander, " and he was only having a little of tbe "sanee" on his own plate.


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