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Real Estate Transfers.

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Hirarn A. Paige ana wife to Heury Menaing, Chelsea, $750. Micbael Keelan to George P. Glazier, Chelsea, $1. Jane L. Tottle to George P. Glazier, Chelsea $1. Ann Arbor & Ypsianti Electrio Railway Cornpany to the Detroit, Ypsilanti & Ann Arbor Railway Company, Ypsilanti, $1. John W. Renwick, Ernest E. Renwick et al. deed partition. Frank C. Banghart and wife to Jobn J. Kirubail, Ypsilanti, $375. John J. Kimball and wife to Wm. E. Simons, Ypsilanti, $1,500. George N. Renwick, by oircnit oourt cotnmissioner to Marión L. Lawrence, Salem, $5,000. Elenora Rassell to Andrew M. Leonard, Milán, f 305. Hannah Prioe to Claude J. Price, et al., Ann Arbor, $1. Hannab Price to Clands J. Price, Ann Arbor, 1. Wm P. Gale and wife to H. W. Hanford et al., Bridgewater, $1,875. Jas. P. Bycraft and wife to Clay W. Alexander, Dexter, $350. Stephen W. Andrews to Mrs. L. S. Harper et al., Milán, $750. Robert Leach and wife to Anna Walsb, Lyndon, $350. Wm. H. Heath et al. to Charles A. Heath, Angosta, $1. Louis Robde and wife to Frederick Rettiuh, Ann Arbor, $110. John Ross and wife by sheriff to F. W. Cleveland estáte, Ypsilanti,$197.60. Frank P. Glazier and wife to Alioe A. Stimpson, Chelsea, $500. Alioe A. Stimpson to George P. Glazier, Chelsea, $1. Fredeiick Steinkohl to John Trolz, Sharou, $710. Valeutine Boeltger and wife to Phil Boeltger, Saline, $4,000. J. Evarts Smith to Magdalena Doty, Augusta, $1,000. Harlow Orcntt to Mary Cornwell, Ann Arbor, $1. John Miner, trustee, to Hnron Valley Building and Loan Association, Ann Arbor, $1. Homer C. Cady et al. to Jane C. Schryver, Ann Arbor, $1,300. Fanny Hooker et al. to Meivin Q. fiooker, Angosta, $1. Fanny Hooker et al. to Willis A. Hooker, Augusta, $1. James L. Dennison and wife to G. M. Harris, Salind, $800. James L. üennison and wife to G. M. flarris, Saline, $800. Conrad Lehr and wife by sheriff to Chas E. Hiscock, casbier, Manohester, $1,709. Paul F. Sohlanderer to Wm J. Ramsey, Ann Arbor, $300. Harvey S. Day and wife to David Curry and wife, Augusta, $55. Malvena Rooney to Hurón Valley Bnildiog and Loan Association, Ann Arbor, $100. Janet Comstoek to Elvira O. Loveland, York, $2,050.