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Buncoed A Farmer

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In anotber colaran of today's Argus will be fonnd a notice of warning against negotiating a oertain piece of paper to wbioh a tale of hunco is artaobed. fteorge Walker, wbose name appears at the foot of the notice is a wealthy farmer living }i miles west of Saline village. On Tnesday a man appeared at bis place representing to be the agent of the American Piano Co., of Chicago. He wanted to leave a piano at Mr. Walker's house for four months and give Mr. Walker's daughter free instrnction in mnsic for that lengtb of time. Mr. Walker was to allow any of nis neighbors to come in and tast the tone of tbe instrument and for every one that was sold Mr. Walker was to get$12O commission. When fonr instrnments were sold Mr. Walker was to have his piano free. Mr. Walker agreed tu this scheme and when the agent prodnoed a "contract" he readily signed it without even reading it. Then agent tbe beoame in a hurry to get back to Saline village and told tbe driver of the rig he bad bired to drive fast. "Don't yon want to try and sell any more?" asked tbe driver. "No, I guess nut," said the agent, and wben he reacbed Saline he did not wait for the regalar passenger train bat boarded a freight and got out of tbe village. These strange actions excited tbe suspioions of the driver that tbe deal was not on tbe square and wben it was repQrted. tp Mr, Wslk?? h? became uneasy to know the contenta uf the paper hê had signed. It will of course, tam ap sonie time ín the form of a promissory note, bot for wbat amount is not known. Tbere is no snch a oonoarn as the American Piano Co. in Chicago, and the '"agent" was a sinooth, sliok confidenoe man.


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