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Ended Her Life

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Mrs. Wm. J. Clark oommitted suicida early Sunday ruorning at her home on tbe Whittnore Lake road, opposite Hangsterfer's ice honses by strangling herself. Mr. CJark woke about 6 o'clock and not seeing bis wife anywbere in tbe boase, went in search of her. Entering the barn be fonnd her lifeless body. Sbe had taken two handkerohiefs, tied tbem together and faBtening one end to the yvagoa wbeel Bud tbe otber to her neck bad dropped down üntil the breath left her body by strangulation. When Mr. Clark found her sbe was on her knees witb her body eagged to one side. Coroner Ball was sumrnoned and hè impanelled a jury who viewed the body and then adjonrned nntil Monday. The evidence given at tbe inqnest sbowed that Mrs. Clark bad been sufleriug from nervoosness for a long time cansed by ill healtb, and was very despondent. She conld not rest well at night and bad threatend to jnrup into tbe river. The last time her hnsband bad seeu her alive was at 2 o'olock Snnday raorning wheu sha was sitting by tbe kitcben stove. He told her she would rest better in bed, bnt she said she conld rest better where she was. She had been considerably worked op abont deeds and insurance papers. The verdict of the jury wa3 in acoordance with the tetimony given.


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