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Manchester high school will have its commencernent exeroises Jnne 16. Emil Ganse, of Iron Creek, has oonipleted the ereotion of a new barn. The Ypsilanti creamery is dow taking in over 30,000 pounds of milk a day. Henry Messner, of Freedom, had nine hoge killed by eating poison recently. W. P. Lainkins has put a 125-horse power engine aud boiler into his inill at Alilan. A Snnday school has been organized at the Birkett chnrch. It is in charge of Mis. Eisle. W. B. Rorabacher, of WordeD, had the misfortnne to lose a check for $6? a few days ago. Conrad Hildinger died at his home in Bridgewatetr, May 20, of diabetis, aged 49 years. M. S. Every, of Brigewater, feil down in a faint the other day and ent his face quite badly. Mrs. P. Seper is baving a large new barn built on her farm in Dester, oocnpied byGeorge Marshal. John Ford, who moved to Rogers, Minn., from Milan, 10 years ago died in the former place two weeks ago. The Chelsea Standard advocates the holdiug of a regular oíd fashioned celebration in that villags on the Fourth of Jnly. Dr. Ione Stannard. formerly of Dexter, bas been appointed resident pbysician in a large ruatemity hospital in Philadelpbia, Pa. Will Conklin, a brotber of Frank Conklin, of Dexter, and whose early life was spent in that village, died May 23 in Fenton, aged 40 years. F. Staffan & Son, of Chelsea. are going to erect and opérate a greenhouse in conuection with the new store building tbey have been putting up. Both "will be heated by eteam. The Saline Farmers' Club is in seaeion today at the home of Mr. aud Mrs. S. R. Crittenden. The program is a paper by A. A. Wood on "Specialtitss iu Farmiug," aud a eelect readiug by Miss F. Josenhaus. The ISth annual May Festival under the aDspices of the Epworth League I was given at the First M. E. church, Ypsilauti, Friday Hveniug. A lengtby, bat wpII arrauged program was given and Master Fred Daley, of Ann Arbor, was t!ie star attraction with his wonderful soprano voice. Afterthe eutertainment ice cream and cake were served iu the basement. Aid. Hnstoo, of Ypsilanti, is again xeiy swriously ill aud has been taken to bis fdther's home at Belleville. ; The Morsan Signal conipany, of Ypsilanti, bas sold its riehts and pateots 1 to John S. Leslie, of PattersjD, N. J. Excelsior Lodge, No. 116, F. & A. '[ M. , of Grass Lake, took part in tbe Deooratiou Day parade in that village ou Monday. The olosing of tbe school in the Cowan district, Sbaron, was celebrated I with a picnic lanch. Joseph Lamb is the teacher. Tlie Michigan Central has moved the sidetrack north of its passenger house at Dexter to rnake room for C. L. Bowmau's elevator. Mooreville has a young people's bioyolu club whion bas for its name tbe Dewey Club. lts oolors are the red, -white and blue. Mr. Clinton H. Stimjson and Miss Minóla H. Conk were married. ' day evening of last week at the home of the bride's rnother in Saline. Robert McColaan, a Gi-rass Lake 9year-old, stepped on a piece of wire while at play the other day, and it was driven clear tbrough bis foot, inflicting a serióos injury. Milán ladies mast be great on huuting foor and five leafed clovers; at least Mrs. D. L. Devee plucked 125 fonr-leaf and 50 five-leaf clovers in 20 minutes the other day. The soLool in district No. 7, Freedoro, tanght by Miss Winifred Branniok was closed Friday. Miss Agnes Obersmitb olosed the spring term in district No. 3 the same day. Mrs. Jane Tuthill, of Manohester, celebrated her 75th. birthday May 22, sarrounded by her children, grandohildren and great grandhildren. There were fonr generatioos present. The York high school has its coinmenceinent esercises at the Mooreville obnrcb this evening, June 3. Prof. C. O. Hoyt will deliver tne addrees and tbe Normal Conservatory Qaartet will fnrnish tbe music. A justice court jury in Ypsilanti deoided that a man has a right to defend bimself if attaoked on the street even if be does become embroiled in a figbt, and brougbt in a verdict of no canse of action agaiusr a defendant in such a case. Harry Bolton, a Grass Lake boy who only a short time ago was shot in the forehead with an airgun, bnt recovered without serions lesnlts, feil from a ladder a few days ago while hoDting sparrows. Both bones of bis left arm were broken just above tüe wrist. Qeorge Kimball, of Willis, was working on the Normal fountain Friday and when evening carne he laid down bis tools to quit work. He bad scarcely done so when be diad cf beart disease. He was 60 yoars of age and leaves a wife aud one sou by a former marriage. Samuel Williams, of Milan, received injuries to his leg whioh neoessitated its amputation four iucbes above the knee. Gangrene set ia and in order to save bis lifa Dr. Darling, of Ann Arbor, amputated what was left. Mr. Williams died the uext day from the shock to his nervons system. Samuel Post, K. W. Hempbill, jr., and D. L. Quirk, jr. , have been chuseu delegates from St. Lnke's cburnh, Ypsilanti, to the annual couvention of the Detroit diocese to be held in Flint nest Tbursday aDd Friday. A. A. VanCleve, D. P. Sullivsn and Tbeophilus Harper are the alternates. Crystal Tent, K. O. T. M., of Dexter, will observe Sunday, June 10, as Memorial Day, at wbich time tbe graves of tbe deceased members of the order will be decorated. Services will be held iu the opera house in the afternoon, wbicb the lodge will atteud iu a body. The sermón will be preacbed by Rev. Mr. Hioks. J. H. Kingsley, cf Manchester, was severely injured Sunday afternoon while ont driving with a borrowed horse. Tbe animal became frightened at some passing cyclers, and tbrew Mr. Kingsley ont, breaking his left arm above tbe wrist, euttiug a gash over the eye and brnising bis faoe badly. Höwas picked up uncouscious, bnt soon recovered. The annnal meeting of St. Lnke's Parish anxiliary was beid in tbe parish house, Ypsilanti, on Thursday. The following officers were ie-elected : President, Mrs. Edmnnd Hewitt; vioe presideut Mrs. Alfred Jarvis; seoretary Mrs. Gardam; treasurer, Mrs. John H. Wortley. Tbe following ladies were eleoted delegatea to the aunual and quarterly meeting of the Woman's Ansiliary: Miss Laura Smitb, Mrs. J. W. Babbitt; alternates, Mrs. John Gilbert, Mrs. Walter Hewit. Herbert Welsh, who bas been making hia residence in Ypsilanti for some time, removed to Jackssn last Friday. Before leaving he disposed of some chattel mortgaged property, a horse wbicb he sold to Westfall & Son, and other tbings. A warrant was issued for his arrest and Deputy Cash Warner brought him back from Jackson Saturday night. Monday his father who is a wealtby farmer near Jackson, oame to Ypsilanti and eettled with J. C. De Mosb, who beid tbs mortgage.


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