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■ójlMpa 1 tn? days of the fjBSÏBhi Christian martyrs it was yS3w k3ï not unusual fr tne sav " Ff ) SS!k age Pa?3"5 to. cast innSy' ' jfi5F cen women into a den MS4 i'Tffiill of lionsi t0 suffer horriwA r' agony and fear be4tHI Jbi V iTff fore death finally came 3SaSf Wl! to their relief. In yjikyfyV this Christian age " '"Ê''3fi jx jOYv an4 's. ian #&! iíífivl tl) civilization tens f'VVJKi l llsSA. of thousands of 'i?í j'-KT% women daily suflkfeTiTaiarr fer the slow tor"s?f____- ments of apv i .' proaching death. They do this because of a false delicacy frequently inculcated by their mothers. There is a rnarvelous medicine for women that cures all weakness and disease of the distinctly feminine organism. It acts directly on the delicate and important organs concerned in maternity and makes them strong and healthy. It is Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. It allays inflammation, heals ulceration and soothes pain. It gives rest and tone to the tortured nerves. Under its magie influence the headaches and pains in the back and sides, the dragging and burning sensations, the nervousness, weakness, lassitude and despondency that result from so-called female weakness are banished. It fits for wifehood and motherhood. Taken during the period of solicitude, it banishes the usual discomforts and makes baby's entry to the world easy and almost painless. It insures the new comer's health and an ampie supply of nourishment. Thousands of women have testified to its marvelous merits. All good druggists sell it. Mrs Úrsula Dunham, of Sistersville, Tyler Co W Va., writes: " My baby is now nearly a yea'r oíd After she was bom I had local weakness I could not stand up. I took three bottles of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription and it has cured me. I can uow do all my work." _- _.. . It is better to do fit MiPfVP 5 mending while the U I . IlClWt 3 damage is slight, than wait until the whole structure is ready to fall. Constipation is the one, all-embracine disorder that is responsible for many other g , eases. DoelleTcure PleaSaílt itg. eists sell them. They never gripe. One little "Pellet" is a gentle laxative, and two a mild cathartic. They are tiny, suzar-coated granules. n _._ Nothing else is "just as PeJlgtS. good." A permanent cure. m w


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