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A man of businesslike aspect invaded e Hown town shoe sbop yesterday morning and said : "I see you claim to do invisible patching. Can you put au invisible patch on this shoe?" "Yes, sir, " replied the proprietor. "Sure? I don't vvant it done unless you can, because this is one of iny swell shoes and I don't want it to show." "If I don't put au invisible patch on it, I won't charge you anything for the job." "All right. Go ahead. " The shoemaker took the shoe, and in about flfteen minutes brought it back to hiru neatly repaired. "H'm!" ejaculated the cnstomer. "I think the bargain was that if you didn't put an invisible patch on it you wouldu't charge anything, wasn't it?" "That's right." "This is the patch, isn't it?" "Yes." "Well, it's perfectly visible. What you meant was, I presume, that you could make the evidences of its being a patch invisible, but you ought tohave said so. A bargain 's a bargaiu. Let this be a lesson to you. Qood morn" - "Hold on. I can tix that all right," said the shoemaker. He took the shoe again, ran a sharp knife under oue edge of the patch, applied a pair of sharp nippers, dexterously ripped it off, threw it behind a work bench and banded the shoe back again. "There, " he said, "is your shoe, and the patch, as you'll notice, isn't visible now. Let this be a lesson to you. Good


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