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Real Estate Transfers

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Caroline Barnes to Traoy L. ïowner, Ypsilanti, $1. Traoy L. Towner to Charles O. Barnes and wife, Ypsilanti, $1. Charles A. Smith to Mary B. Bray, York, $1,853.86. Joseph Curtís et al. to Julia A. Curtís, Augusta, $1. Ten aores of land, section 34. Julia A. Curtís to Annah Lose, Augusta, $1. Ten acres of land, section 34. Lusena Green to Hay & Todd Mfg. Co., Ypsilanti, $250. Parcel of land in Third ward. John R. Miner, trustee, to Hurón Valley Builing and Loan Assooiation, Ann Arbor, $1. Lots in city of Ann Arbor. Katberine Nagel to Jacob Nagel, Soio, $1. 165 aores. Herman Hutzfll and wife to C. E. Hiscook, trustee, Ann Arbor, $3,455. Lot Jewett's addition. Dallas S. Pierce and wife to D. C. Griffen, Ypsilanti, $1. 20 aores land. D. C. Griffen to Dallas S. Pierce and ■wife, Ypsilanti, $1. 20 acres land. Ellen R. Ford et al. to Dallas S. Pierce and wife, Ypsilaüti, $1. Parcel land. W. J. Potts to C. F. Merriman, Manchester, $1,500. 80 acres of land. Charles E. Alban to Henry Harris, Augusta, $1. Paroel land. Harriet Chase to Silas D. Chapin, Salem, $1,500. 2S){ aores. Antón C. Vansiokle to Addie E. Vansiokle, Salem, $1,400. 38 acres. Frederiok Bnss and wife to Charles A. Herman, Aun Arbor oity, $375. Part of lots Nos. 1 and 2, Maynard's seoond addition.